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How to initiate a conversation on an online dating website

Posted by on March 7th, 2022 in Online Dating
online dating

As you are on an online dating site, you browse many profiles and decide to contact a woman. Should you comment on her dating profile in your first message? Different ladies respond to different things. If a woman’s dating profile has nothing interesting in it, you can simply say, “Hi [insert her username], How are… read more

Are you the confident man that Russian women like?

Posted by on December 7th, 2021 in Online Dating
Russian lady

Women from Russia are honest and confident, so they only admire men that are equally honest and confident. Being honest isn’t hard – you just need to avoid lying at all costs. But how do you become the most confident man? The leader VS the worrier: The leader inside you has a plan and knows… read more

Communication skills play a key role in international dating

Posted by on October 7th, 2021 in Online Dating
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Alex T., a member of, has shared very valuable comments with us, “It is obvious that I have already improved my communication skills, thereby building positive interpersonal relationships. Clearly, communication skills have become my strength and I am supposed to play to my strength from now on. Therefore, my next goal is to leverage… read more

An Eastern European woman’s love life exercises

Eastern European bride

This is a series of exercises that an Eastern European lady has done.  Previously, she was too shy to approach men, but because of this exercise, she has desensitized herself and now she is not concerned while talking to men anymore. How Linda became confident: Let’s call her Linda so that it’s easier to read… read more

How to maintain a healthy relationship with an Eastern European lady

Eastern European lady

Here is the uncomfortable truth that most people don’t want to talk about: manipulation can happen in good relationships. Sad but true. But actually, if you are willing to maintain a sustainable relationship with an Eastern European lady, you will find a way to make it happen. What to avoid: When manipulation happens in positive… read more

The Underground Man (An Eastern European Woman’s Story)

Eastern European lady

Another beautiful autumn morning. I board the underground at 8:05am as usual. The guy with glasses is sitting on the underground already. He is reading a newspaper near the window. I sit down near him again, hoping he would begin to talk to me. I have seen this guy on the underground almost every day… read more

How to deal with anxiety on the first date with a Ukrainian lady

Ukrainian lady

So, you are going out for the first date with a Ukrainian woman. She is pretty, smart and fun. You’re anxious as you don’t even know what to say so that you can impress her in the right way. Now I’ll show you how to overcome the anxiety on the first date. You are welcome!… read more

How to become the best conversationalist and attract Eastern European ladies

To be honest, if you are not the most handsome guy in the world, chances are you will need to be a good conversationalist in order to attract ladies from Eastern Europe who are quite sophisticated and elegant. It’s time to learn how to use conversation skills to build true emotional connection with a lady… read more

Does Your Eastern European Bride Need to Sit the IELTS Test?

If your Eastern European bride has a spouse visa, then usually she won’t need to sit the IELTS test (IELTS: International English Language Testing System – an exam offered by Australia and the United Kingdom & it’s widely used and accepted in every English-speaking country). However, if your Eastern European wife is planning on finding… read more

How to make your relationship with an Eastern European lady phenomenal

Eastern European woman

We received an email from a western guy yesterday: A few days ago, when my Eastern European girlfriend and I went to a bar, she flirted with another man in front of me, which made me really angry and she knows it. Whenever I think about that incident, I feel so bad. What should I… read more