How to Let Go of a Toxic Relationship

Posted by on November 17th, 2017 in Relationships
toxic relationship

Sometimes, no matter how much you love a person, it feels like something’s not right about the relationship anymore; it feels like you are more unhappy and miserable. And you constantly argue with yourself in your head that your love is still worth fighting for even if you already know it is draining you, that it is changing you and it is already taking away your peace. This is what a toxic relationship can do to a person. However, the sad thing is that even if you know it is already time to let go, you still keep on holding on and clinging on to a person no matter how much they hurt you. It may be the most difficult thing to do but;

Here are some helpful insights you can consider to let go of a toxic relationship.

1. Accept the fate of your relationship

One of the things that keeps you from letting go of a toxic relationship is the fact that you find it hard to accept that it just has to end like that. The relationship you have worked out on for a long time will really have to close because of many reasons. You need to accept that it is what needs to happen for your own sake.

2. Realize that you deserve better

If you know that you have done your best and have given more than you could give and it is really not working, then you have to think about yourself this time. You need to realize that you deserve better. You deserve a better person, a better treatment and a better relationship. Sometimes, even if you have exhausted all your efforts and given all the love you could, it just won’t get reciprocated. And if you have waited long enough for things to get better, you need to decide for yourself once and for all.

3. Stop hoping that your partner will change

If you have given your partner enough time to change for the better but nothing is happening, you need to let it go. One of the biggest mistakes you can do is to stay in a relationship where you are not treated right. You need to know that how people treat you will depend on what you will allow. If you keep on allowing them to hurt you and cause you pain and you still show them that you are still there and not leaving, they will not realize anything. They will not value you because they will feel confident that you love them. And sometimes, even if they promise to change and the cycle still continues, it is better to just stop hoping.

4. Do not be afraid to be alone

If the one thing that’s holding you back from letting go is the fact that you will have to be alone then you are making the wrong decision. It is better to be alone than to be with the wrong person. It is certainly not going to be easy and the process is surely going to be painful but don’t you think you have already suffered a deeper pain before? This time around, the pain will just become easier to deal with as time goes by. However, you need to really go through the process of healing and to be able to heal, you need to feel the pain. It is easier said than done but you will come out stronger in the process. When you get past this phase, you will realize that life will become a lot easier. You will learn a lot of lessons along the way but they will help you become a better and stronger person.

5. It is okay to cry

Release the pain by crying. If it has to take days or weeks, that is perfectly fine. After crying, you will feel a lot better. You will feel as if a heavy burden has been lifted from your shoulders. Cry some more until it hurts no more. In the end, when things are better and when you feel better, that is when you will begin to realize that you have actually made the right decision and that is to let go of your toxic relationship.

  • LEE

    It’s a painful subject for me. I wish there was a way I could let my toxic partner go without actually doing it. Good luck everyone, who stuck in the same situation.


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