Communication skills play a key role in international dating

Posted by on October 7th, 2021 in Online Dating
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Alex T., a member of, has shared very valuable comments with us, “It is obvious that I have already improved my communication skills, thereby building positive interpersonal relationships. Clearly, communication skills have become my strength and I am supposed to play to my strength from now on. Therefore, my next goal is to leverage my communication skills and build a powerful network in the tourism and hospitality industry. I should not wait until I have to find a job; I would be well-advised to start building a powerful network right now. An individual should dig the well before they are thirsty – that is the essence of true networking. Another goal that I would like to set is to maximize my productivity in the workplace and minimize my stress through effective time & energy management. To be more exact, I have decided to use the 80/20 rule which will surely help me to maximize my productivity at work. This will give me more energy to work on my love life.”

  • Taking action is paramount.

“As I plan to build a powerful network for my future career, I have decided to join American radio personality Jordan Harbinger’s online program Six-Minute Networking in which Jordan Harbinger teaches his audience how to build a wildly powerful network,” says Alex T., “Since I would like to further improve my time management skills, I will join creative entrepreneur Kate Northrup’s online program Origin Collective in which Kate Northrup teaches her audience how to manage time through managing energy. More specifically, instead of focusing on managing 24 hours a day, individuals would be well-advised to track their energy levels throughout the month / week / day and allocate different tasks to different periods of time, thereby maximizing productivity and minimizing stress.”

“I consulted my mentor who recommended Six-Minute Networking (an online program by Jordan Harbinger) to me so I can begin to make full use of my communication skills and build a powerful network in record time. This is going to help me with my career in the future,” says Alex T., “I consulted my supervisor who recommended Origin Collective (an online program by Kate Northrup) to me so I can learn more time & energy management skills and improve my productivity in the workplace. I’m sure this will give me more time to enjoy my international dating life as well. I borrowed a book called The 4-Hour Workweek (written by American entrepreneur, investor and New York Times best-selling author Tim Ferriss) from the local library. In this world-renowned book, Tim Ferriss not only explains the importance of the 80/20 rule in detail based on his extensive experience as well as profound observations in business, but also introduces a wealth of practical and useful ideas that can further improve my time management skills in the long run.”

  • What do you talk about on a date?

Please do not talk about “conversion rate” and “monthly KPI” when you are on the first date with a Slavic woman. Instead, you can talk about how your colleagues interact with each other in the office, the happy hour in a pub with your co-workers last Friday evening, and so on.

Well, if this lady is very keen to talk about her job, let her do that. 😉 Chances are there is an emotional reason why she is so excited about her job, e.g., she is doing something that truly makes her happy. But if she implies that her job is not very interesting, you can say something like this to her, “Well, actually, you sound slightly tired when you mention your job. Truthfully, I never saw you as a call center agent. When I met you for the first time, I thought you have a fantastic sense of fashion. Have you considered doing something more artistic?”

Now you are turning an unmotivating topic into a highly inspiring topic. In this way, the Slavic lady will feel closer to you psychologically and feel more connected to you emotionally as a result.

“You can get her to talk about things that she genuinely cares about in life. If you implement this strategy, your conversation will be more meaningful and engaging for both of you.”

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