Time management tips for busy men looking for international relationships

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I’ve summarized several useful time management tips here. Hopefully, you will use some of them (or all of them) and benefit your love life when you are looking for an international relationship. Deal with every email once only. Every day I manage more than one email Inbox and I always get ‘Inbox zero’. I know… read more

Dating Ukrainian women: How to be relaxed on the first date

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Ukrainian lady

You are going out for the first date with a Ukrainian woman. She is pretty, smart and fun. You’re anxious as you don’t even know what to say so that you can impress her in the right way. Now I’ll show you how to overcome the anxiety on the first date. You are welcome! Stop… read more

How Ukrainian women & their admirers can become even more confident

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Ukrainian women

You can fake your external confidence. That’s not too hard to do. However, it’s harder to fake your lifestyle confidence. Lifestyle confidence refers to where you derive your confidence from in life. A Ukrainian woman who has lifestyle confidence usually derives her confidence from a wide variety of areas in life, e.g., her career, hobbies,… read more

How Slavic women find real love

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Slavic women

This blog post is for Slavic women and their admirers to understand the process of looking for true love. Apart from online dating, there are many ways to find love in life. Arrive early at parties and events. Most people would arrive a bit late when they go to a party or an event. If… read more

How to initiate a conversation on an online dating website

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As you are on an online dating site, you browse many profiles and decide to contact a woman. Should you comment on her dating profile in your first message? Different ladies respond to different things. If a woman’s dating profile has nothing interesting in it, you can simply say, “Hi [insert her username], How are… read more

How to start international dating in the right way

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The fastest way to start international dating is to join a dating site which introduces Eastern European ladies to genuine men like you. 😊 What is the real goal of the first date? The fundamental goal of the first date isn’t to impress the person sitting in front of you; it is to figure out… read more

How you can confidently attract an Eastern European woman

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It’s time to learn how to use conversation skills to build true emotional connection with a lady of your dreams. How to talk to an Eastern European woman: Most men only do small talk with ladies and tend to ask way too many questions. As a result, you must remember this: Don’t ask a woman… read more

Are you the confident man that Russian women like?

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Russian lady

Women from Russia are honest and confident, so they only admire men that are equally honest and confident. Being honest isn’t hard – you just need to avoid lying at all costs. But how do you become the most confident man? The leader VS the worrier: The leader inside you has a plan and knows… read more

Important factors that determine how attractive you are in the international dating era

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Actually, for women, looks aren’t very important as they really want to know your personality. What do women find attractive in men? 🥰 Is your confidence backed up by competence? Usually, I’m a confident individual as I’ve been very good at what I do at work. For example, I have achieved a lot in my… read more

Communication skills play a key role in international dating

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Alex T., a member of, has shared very valuable comments with us, “It is obvious that I have already improved my communication skills, thereby building positive interpersonal relationships. Clearly, communication skills have become my strength and I am supposed to play to my strength from now on. Therefore, my next goal is to leverage… read more