Untold secrets to meeting Ukrainian women & finding the love you deserve

Posted by on November 22nd, 2020 in Dating advice
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Loneliness is not good for your health and wellbeing because human beings are biologically programmed to be social. You are supposed to connect with other people in order to stay healthy and happy. That’s why it’s very important to build positive relationships with people, especially a good romantic relationship. Now I’d like to talk about how to meet high-quality Ukrainian ladies and find the true love that you deserve.

Meet a high-quality woman by design, not by default.

Apparently, the most convenient way to meet Ukrainian women is to join an international dating site. But if you would like to combine online dating with offline dating so that you can maximize your chance of meeting the best candidate, please keep reading.

It’s 12pm on Tuesday. You’re on the way to buy lunch. When you are driving, you notice a beautiful woman driving an elegant car nearby. Now you follow her car.

When she stops her car in front of a restaurant, you also stop there. As she is walking into the restaurant, you enter the restaurant as well. And then you quickly browse the menu & casually ask her to recommend something nice to you, “Could you please recommend something nice to me here? I’ve never been here before.”

A kind lady will definitely be happy to help, so she will recommend something nice to you. Now you simply keep the conversation going and invite her to your Happy Hour after work.

If she likes you, she will rock up after work. 😉

Arrive early at events and parties.

When people go to an event or a party, most of them would arrive a bit late. Let’s say the party starts at 7:30pm. Most people would arrive at 7:45pm or later than that. However, you must arrive at 7:30pm. Please let me explain.

As the host of the party/event has to arrive before 7:30pm, when you arrive at 7:30pm, the host must talk to you first.

Therefore, you will become the host’s friend at the event, even if you don’t know anybody. Meanwhile, as people are arriving, the host has to introduce you to everyone, for you are already talking with the host.

This is a highly effective way to meet everybody at the event, including beautiful women that you are attracted to.

So, if there is a woman that you like, you can easily initiate a conversation with her later on. And remember to invite her to something that you organize, e.g. a Happy Hour or a birthday party. In this way, you can see her again soon.

If you think she already likes you, you can directly ask her out for a real date.😉

Crash an upscale party.

I know that not every guy receives a lot of invitations. Hence, I’d like to share my best secret with you – you can crash an upscale party.

Simply do some research on the Internet and find out where the best parties are held this Friday night. Perhaps there is an upscale party in the ballroom of a fancy hotel nearby. Even though you aren’t even invited, you can still crash this party.

First of all, you must dress well so that you can feel like a million dollars. Thus, when you go to the venue, you will look great – everyone will assume that you must be a VIP guest.

This tactic works pretty well as very few individuals would come up with this tactic and even fewer guys would be brave enough to do it in reality. However, I know this can be done because I’ve seen confident men do this before – now they are happily married to elegant Ukrainian women.

Indeed, you must dress well so that you will look like a high-value guy. More exactly, you would be well-advised to wear a conversation starter – something that women will definitely comment on. This can be an artistic jacket or a creative scarf. You look unforgettable, so women can’t ignore you. Some confident Ukrainian women may even initiate conversations with you because of your conversation starter!

If no one initiates a conversation with you and you are worried about being rejected by women, don’t worry – I have another strategy for you to use: You get yourself a drink and naturally approach a group of people. Listen to what they are saying and you naturally join their conversation.

“Let’s say in this group, there is a beautiful woman that you like. Now you talk to the individual who is standing next to her later on. You will approach this individual in a very friendly way and ask them questions like “What do you do?” Then you will casually ask them random questions about the woman you feel attracted to, e.g. her profession. Basically, the conversation between you and the gateway person will lead you to the result you want – the gateway person will probably introduce you to the woman that you like.”

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