Build true confidence & go out for the first date with a Russian woman

Posted by on December 12th, 2020 in Dating advice
Slavic woman

If you project certainty, your Russian lady only knows what she sees. When you think you’re not as confident as other people, please note that you shouldn’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides.

There are three layers of confidence:

  1. Surface level – how people perceive you. This level is quite important because it opens doors in life. You need surface-level confidence to warm up and get comfortable. Whenever you feel nervous, just ask yourself, “How do I desensitize me to this situation?” Remember to take certain things to work at a time and then layer something else on top of it (e.g. you dress well first, and then you improve your body language). You might even want to record videos of yourself and watch what you should work on. If you need a good role model, you can look at some attractive male celebrities’ videos on YouTube and analyze what they are doing. In the long term, you need to achieve congruence, i.e. what you project is what you are inside.
  2. Lifestyle level – all things that you have to back up your surface-level confidence. Now I’d like you to draw a matrix best characterized by at least 8 boxes: goals, family, career, qualifications, friends, home, hobbies and experiences. That means you derive confidence from your skills, your knowledge, things you own, people you know, etc. You don’t derive your confidence from Russian women’s attention only. If you have figured out that one or two areas of this matrix need improvement, you can start to work on those areas now. Remember: Happiness is a state of mind – you change what you are doing and change the way you see the situation. Do what you can and be okay with the rest. Also, mastery is about how artfully you can be in the way you play the cards.
  3. Core level – the relationship with yourself. It is your responsibility to move forward with as little baggage as possible. Whatever happened in the past, forgiveness is the key. Every year/month/day/hour, a new you wakes up, takes the stage and begins the next hour. I remember a Russian woman literally said, “It took me 30 years to look this good!” This woman from Russia also points out that in order to achieve core-level confidence, an individual must let go of what the previous runner did and always stay ready to start a new chapter in life.

How to stay confident on the first date:

You should be a flirtatious guy on the first date with your Slavic lady so that she can see you are a fun-loving and spontaneous man!

By the way, if you are nervous, you won’t be able to build attraction easily. Therefore, my suggestion is to hug the lady when you meet her. Now you can build a rapport faster. That’s the fast-track to a successful love life!

If you are still anxious or nervous, you should ask, “Do I like her?” instead of “Does she like me?”

Never put a Slavic woman on a pedestal on the first date as she hasn’t even proven herself at this stage. You need to see whether you like this lady or not first. Just give her the opportunity to impress you and chase you. With this new mindset, isn’t this date liberating?

Making an intelligent effort is always better than making an effort. I know dating isn’t easy and relationships can be hard work. Yet it doesn’t necessarily mean you only need to work hard. If working hard can solve all problems in this world, then we shouldn’t have any problems now.

Realistically, you can work twice harder than other people, but you probably can’t work 20 times harder than others. So, you must work smart.

The fact that you are reading this blog regularly means you are a switched-on man because you are proactively learning dating skills all the time. In this way, you don’t have to learn certain techniques the hard way.

“You might even hire a dating coach if you are keen to further improve your dating skills. Alternatively, you can buy some online programs about dating and relationships. Once you have completely understood the principles of attraction, you will become the alpha guy that Slavic women admire.”

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