5 Things that Women Should Never Do just to Attract a Man

Posted by on August 25th, 2017 in Dating advice, Relationships
Women Attracting A man

Guys are not the only ones who go an extra mile to attract the girls that they want. Even some girls would go above and beyond to capture the attention of their love interest. While there is completely nothing wrong with that, there are certain things that some women are not supposed to do just to attract the attention of a guy, because these things might just do more harm than good.

There are many women who make certain mistakes when it comes to picking guys, that is why they end up failing. Instead of attracting men, they end up pushing them away. If you are currently in a situation where you are also waiting to find the love interest you are looking for;

Here are some of the mistakes you should never, ever do just to attract and impress a man.

1. Playing dumb just to impress him or make him feel smarter

When you are dating someone and you are still in the process of getting to know each other better, there will be a lot of conversations that will allow both of you to talk and listen. There will be times when you allow him to tell you some stories and things which you already know. However, even if you want to be a good and gracious listener, you have to make sure that you are not playing dumb as if it is just the first time you have heard about these things, just so you can make him feel smarter. You do not have to appear as if you don’t know anything he is talking about just impress him. Just let him finish but feel free to talk about your insights and opinions. In fact, a woman who is opinionated is even more attractive than someone who just agrees and says yes all the time.

2. Being too loud

If you think that being too loud will catch his attention, then you’re wrong. If you will be able to catch attention, it’s actually not the right kind that you want. Women who are too loud are not attractive. You can be fun without having to be so obnoxious. You can enjoy and have fun with your friends but don’t try too hard just to prove you are having a great time. If you want to enjoy, do it for your own happiness and satisfaction, and don’t just do it to impress other people.

3. Making a conversation sound more like an interview

When you are in a conversation with a person you like, don’t make the mistake of making it sound as if you are doing an interview. It is okay to ask questions to know him better, but make sure they are about the stuff he enjoys the most so he will also feel that the conversation is fun and entertaining. Also, don’t forget to share some stuff about you. Bottom line is that the whole conversation should be natural and not forced.

4. Being too eager

It is true that men also love attention, but giving him the attention too soon might just push him away. Guys love the feeling that they are being challenged. They love it when they feel like they have to chase you, so don’t be easy and don’t be too eager. It is not like you really have to try too hard to play hard to get, but you also should not be giving in too easily. You subtly show him that you are interested but not desperate.

5. Overdoing your makeup and your clothing

If you want to be noticed by the person you like, you do not necessarily have to wear tons of makeup on your skin. You also should not be overdressed. It’s okay to apply makeup but make sure it is not too much but is rather just enough to enhance your beauty. It is still a lot better when your natural beauty is the one that shines through. When it comes to dressing up, you also don’t have to wear super skimpy dresses just to be attractive. Yes, you may look gorgeous and sexy when you show more skin, but men who are looking for the kind of women they will be taking seriously, they would go for the ones who look simpler, yet beautiful and attractive.

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