Signs that You Don’t Have Chemistry with Someone You’re Dating

Posted by on August 21st, 2017 in Dating advice, Relationships
Couple Don’t Have Chemistry

One of the things that make a relationship last longer is the so-called chemistry. Not all couples are meant to be together. In fact, the lack of chemistry is one of the reasons why make people fall apart. That’s simply because they don’t have that kind of connection, that even if you like each other, something just does not seem so right.

You may not be paying a lot of attention on this but chemistry is actually a secret ingredient for your relationship to be successful. And while there isn’t an exact formula on how to spark that chemistry because it just instantly happens between two people.

Here are some signs that will help tell you if you have chemistry with a person you are dating or not.

1. It seems difficult to keep a conversation going

You will know that you have a great chemistry with someone because it is easy to keep a conversation going with them. It feels effortless to talk to them and you won’t even notice how much time has passed. If you feel that talking to your date feels like you are being forced or there are awkward silences, then maybe, you are really not meant for them.

2. You don’t seem to understand each other

People who have chemistry find it a lot easier to understand each other even with less spoken words. It is by your instinct that you can easily tell what they mean and where they are coming from. It feels like you can read their minds and can tell what they are actually thinking.

3. You don’t have connecting ideas

One of the major signs that you are not connecting at all is when your ideas do not match or you can’t see and understand each other’s points of view. You would know that there is chemistry because it will make you feel like you haven’t been open to anyone than this person and it feels like they understand you completely without even trying so hard to explain.

4. You don’t feel anything special when you look into each other’s eyes

If you are sharing a deep bond with a person, you should be able to feel that there is something special when you look into each other’s eyes. It would feel as if you are talking to them through your eyes without even saying a word. It’s like you can read each other’s mind and you feel a little excited like there are butterflies in your stomach. However, if you look at each other the way you look at other people, then it means that you don’t really have that chemistry, to begin with.

5. Time feels so dragging when you’re together

People who share a special bond will not normally notice how long they have been together because they’re having such a great time. However, if time feels so dragging and you easily get bored with each other’s company, then it is a sign that you don’t have that chemistry. You are supposed to enjoy each other’s company if you have that chemistry. In fact, the time you spend together won’t even seem enough.

6. You try too hard to please each other

If you are trying too hard to make the relationship work and make it long term by pleasing each other, then you don’t have that connection. Couples who have chemistry naturally like each other and they know what each of them likes and dislikes. They do not have to feel forced to put in a lot of effort to make each other happy.

7. You feel that you’d rather be with someone else

If you were wishing you were another person instead, then it must mean that there is really no connection or chemistry with this person. That’s because having a connection with someone means that you would want to be with them all the time. You don’t even want to be apart. And if you can only see them each and every day, you would rather make sure that you do. However, if this is not how you feel and you imagine being with a different person instead, then that’s a problem.

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