5 Social Media Steps That You Should Take

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Social Media Steps

After A Great First Date With A Slavic Woman

Many people think that a great first date is a guarantee that a second date, or more, will soon follow. After all, she laughing at your jokes, listening to your side of the conversation, and opening up her life to you are definitely good signs. Whether you dined at a fine restaurant or had a little picnic at the park, complete with a basket and a blanket laid on the grass, the moments following goodnight and goodbye are full of uncertainties.

You are standing on the sidewalk outside the restaurant, waiting for a taxi to take her home. Or you could be standing outside her apartment, debating with yourself whether you should lean in for a goodnight kiss. The kiss may or may not happen. A few minutes later, you find yourself on your way home. You reminisce the night that has just passed and try to remember as many details as you can. You call your best friend and tell him the good news. You reach out to your female friends and ask for their help in decoding her actions that night. You even ask them for advice on what to do next.

What comes next? Sometimes, figuring out the next step can be a tad more daunting than gathering the courage to ask a girl out, whether you met her through a friend, at work, or on a dating app.

The first date is all about presenting your best self, albeit in an easy-to-digest size. Now, you have to ensure that she will keep her promise to go out with you again whether on the following weekend or whichever day both your schedules will allow you to.

You finally get home. You are still on the phone with your friends. They have sent their congratulations and encouragement. However, they have different opinions regarding what steps you should take after your spectacular first date.

Social media has made things a bit more complicated. During the days that preceded MySpace and Facebook, a short phone call or even a voice message was enough. However, people still debated whether they should wait until they get home that night or the following day to reach out. Some even argue the three-day rule. That is, no communication until after three days has passed since the first date. Another rule is waiting for the other to call, but the waiting game has only left many people heartbroken.

These ideas still apply today. As previously mentioned, things are not as simple as they once were. However, there is no need to fret because here are five social media steps that you should take after a great first date with a Slavic woman.

1) Send her a text message.

A call can come off as too forward, too eager, and too keen. So, your best bet is to shoot her a quick text message. Chances are you have her phone number, making text messages the obvious and inevitable first step.

The waiting game applies to texting. Should you text her a half hour after you two have parted to make sure that she got home safe? The answer is no. Of course, you want to know that she is safe in bed at the end of the night because if something bad happens to her, then the possibilities of a second date become dim. But sending her a text message on the same night might make you look too clingy.

Wait until the following morning. Start off by expressing that you hope she arrived home safe on the previous night, followed by telling her how much you enjoyed the time you spent with her. Keep it short but sweet. Punctuate your text message with a smiley and a couple more emojis. However, refrain from asking her when she wants to go out with you again.

2) Chances are you snapped

a few photos of you and your Slavic woman having a great time on your first date. Let the whole world know about it by posting a picture on Instagram. Rather than posting every picture you took on your phone, choose the best one and add either a witty or a thoughtful caption. If you two are not following each other on Instagram yet, click the “follow” button, and then tag her in your picture.

This also allows you to give her a deeper glimpse of your life such as your interests and maybe a different side of you.

3) While Instagram

serves as a digital photo album, Snapchat offers people a peek into your everyday life. Much like Instagram, you follow someone before you can view their stories.

Snapchat gives you the chance to show more of yourself through ten-second videos. The greatest thing about this medium is the stories you share only last for twenty-four hours. So, there is always that sense of urgency to check if someone has uploaded new stories.

Another great thing about this platform is it tells you who has viewed your stories. If she views your Snapchat stories, it is very likely that she is interested in you and has a desire to get to know you better. Numerous dating experts have also agreed that when someone almost always views your Snapchat stories before any of your other followers do, there is a high possibility that they are attracted to you.

4) Look her up on LinkedIn.

While far from personal, this social media platform gives you a more serious glimpse of your Slavic date. If she keeps her LinkedIn profile updated, as responsible professionals should, you can learn about her job history and interests. All of which reveal a side to people that is often tucked away and not discussed during first dates.

5) Facebook

Is perhaps the most personal social media platform out there. Some even say that it has become a sort of post-modern diary. Your friends and family are there, and you interact with them on a regular basis.

So, should you send her a friend request? Sure. Why not? Accepting your friend request only denotes that she wants you to become a part of her world. You can also do a little digging to find out more about her and if she really is the type of woman you want to spend more time with.

Social media is an extension of ourselves. While it allows people to connect with each other instantly, putting in an effort to get together physically still beats the alternative.

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