Digital Dating Scene: Etiquette You Should Know For Online Dating

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Digital Dating

When you’re dating online, it won’t be far off that you’ll be using every form of communication possible. This is especially true when you’ve found a woman or two who’ve caught your interest. So, what are the possible ways to make contact? Well, you can use an e-mail, cell phone through text messages, social media, and video chat. Through all these mediums of communication, the digital dating scene has come a long way from just chats. So, along the way, you’re going to have to learn some etiquette when using these mediums.

So, while it takes some time to understand why these etiquette are important, you’ll surely get used to the idea of what you can do to avoid mishaps with your Slavic woman. Since the Internet has brought on new etiquette for the dating game, you’re going to have to learn them one way or another.

When using different technologies to communicate with Slavic women, you’ve got to learn about the etiquette for using them. In this regard, you’re going to have to learn how to be both respectful and respectable. We’ll be discussing tech etiquette you’ll need to know through the most common forms of communication used for online dating. These are e-mail, cell phone or mobile phone, chat or video chat, and social media.

The following tech etiquette will help you know whether it’s safe to take your online relationship to a face to face one. So, let’s start.


Most online dating sites nowadays have a web-based chat feature. But if you don’t have it, don’t fret. You aren’t really missing out on anything as long as you can send messages to people on the site that you’re a member of. But most often, chat is used to communicate with minimal waiting time. Live chat etiquette is very important as it isn’t the same as e-mailing or texting where you have some time to think up of a reply. Plus, it’s a live chat, so the person knows that you’re on the other side of the screen.

Furthermore, a lot of people don’t have the common courtesy anymore, so it’s your job to learn some things and help spread the word. So, with chat, you’ve got to remember to behave yourself when you’re starting out. Don’t ask for naked photos or photos of the person you’re chatting with right away. Chatting is usually the beginning of a blossoming, or maybe not, relationship. So, don’t ruin the mood by immediately talking about something that’ll come up in the future anyways.

The next thing about chat is that every time you type something in all CAPS, it means that you’re either yelling or excited. But, most of the time, it’s looked at as someone’s angry and yelling unless the person you’re chatting with already knows you.

Are you familiar with, or have you said “ASL” to someone you’re chatting with? Well, it comes off as rude. You’ve got to realize that in real life, you’re not going to blatantly ask someone, “ASL.” And, much less expect an answer. Although it may sound hip, cool, or part of the internet lingo, online dating doesn’t work like this. Looking and sounding respectable are the ways to go in chat.


E-mailing is probably the most common form of communication between new connections in the online dating world. A thought of wisdom some men have learned is to keep a separate e-mail for online dating. It’s not rude to have a separate e-mail. More or less, it’s actually for your safety as well. You wouldn’t want someone having the possibility of looking into your real e-mail address anyway. So, now that we’ve got that out of the way, realizing that the e-mail you’ll be sending isn’t a business one is important.

It’s indicative for a person to have e-mails sent as light-hearted as possible. Unlike business e-mails, online dating e-mails don’t need to be so formal. So, similar to chatting, don’t type your e-mails out in capital letters. When sending out your first e-mail exchange with a woman, make it brief and upbeat. This will leave some space for more stories later on. Don’t write a novel as no one will sit down to read it and send a coherent reply. You can start out by saying that you like her smile on her profile photo or that she said that she likes something in her profile that got you interested in her in the first place.

Cell Phone Or Mobile Phone

Once you and the lady or ladies you’ve met get to talking more often in chat or e-mail, you two might want to take it to direct contact through texting or the use of mobile phones. Sometimes, before this even happens, you might already use video chat. But that will come up next after this. So, now you’re at that stage where you’re going to text each other; this means the frequency of you two communicating will become more often. Well, dependent on the time zones, but it’ll surely increase.

So, once you’ve gotten each other’s numbers and can communicate more freely, there are some unwritten rules that you should know about. Grab your pen and paper for this one and sketch it in your head:

  • Don’t drunk text anyone, especially someone you’ve met online.
  • If you get a text message that may rub you the wrong way, don’t reply right away. There are ways to find out whether or not you may have taken things out of context, especially considering that there may be language barriers in play.
  • Like an e-mail, make it brief.
  • Don’t sext with someone.
  • Don’t be passive-aggressive.

Hopefully, these will help eliminate all the negative feelings during a text exchange between you and your Slavic lady by making you more open-minded.

Video Chat

This is the best part about online dating as this is where you know that what you saw on a profile page is the same person you’re talking to. It’s one reason why people need to provide profile photos that are up-to-date. So, you two are ready to take your chatting or e-mailing to the next level with video chat. A moment when you two don’t have time to think about what you’re going to say. Plus, almost a face-to-face interaction. So, what are the etiquette to take note of while on a video chat? There are quite a few actually.

  • Don’t barrage people.
  • Don’t video chat with someone if you’re in a crowded place. It can be disrespectful and can get annoying pretty fast.
  • Make sure to look into the camera from time to time, which means don’t be distracted.
  • Don’t have your face grab the whole screen. Give yourself some space.
  • Wear clothes.
  • If you’ve got kids and haven’t told your future partner yet, tell them to give you space.

And last but not least, you should take note of the time difference. If she’s had a long day at work while you’re still beginning your day, you’ve got to be considerate.

Social media

After everything you’ve been through to get to this stage, it may or may not have been a long road. For some people with trust issues, this is a great final step to get to know more about each other. When the time has come, you two will add each other on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like. When this happens, you’ve still got to leave room for respecting yourself as well as the lady’s privacy. If you see something you don’t like on her social media profile, keep it to yourself and bring it up some other time. Don’t pick fights just because you got jealous of a picture she has with a guy that ended up to be her brother. It’ll honestly save you the embarrassment!

So, you’re allowing each other into your private and personal life through adding each other on social media and not just texts, video chats, and the like anymore. To some, this is considered an intimate exchange. Likewise, you’re going to have to be respectful of what you see on there.

By the way, if you’re planning to “stalk” someone’s social media profile, go do so. But, it’s important that you don’t slip unnecessary or uncalled information. Much less, don’t become very judgmental when you don’t know the whole story. As mentioned earlier, it’ll save you the embarrassment.

When to delete my profile?

Now that you think that you and your Slavic lady will be going somewhere, you may be thinking that you won’t need your profile anymore. And that is totally fine and natural. So, you ask yourself whether you should delete your profile or not. To answer this, you’ve got to see things in perspective. If you’re in talks with a lady and it seems to be going great, you’ve got to take into account how much time you’ve actually known, talked, and invested in each other. Just because she’s the one girl that you like talking to doesn’t mean that you should remove your profile immediately. This may show that you’re too eager. Honestly, you two are going to be in the same dilemma if you do like each other. So, why not talk it through together with your new partner? At least you’ll know where you both stand and could possibly make your first joint decision together. Besides, most sites nowadays allow you to deactivate your profile and come back to it later for reactivation. It’s like Facebook, so no hurries on it.

The next time you’re going to use these things when you’re online dating, keep in mind everything we’ve shared with you. Although it’s your choice in the end on whether or not you want to follow it, we provided this with the best intentions in mind. Besides, if you want something special to come out of your online dating experience, it might as well be done enjoyably and sincerely.

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