7 Uncommon Romantic Gestures That Your Slavic Woman Will Surely Love

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Slavic Woman

A bouquet of roses or tulips in the middle of the week, a box of chocolates, playing romantic music in the background while you eat dinner at your apartment, and renting a romantic movie instead of the latest action blockbuster. These are, no doubt, romantic gestures that will make her cheeks blush, and her knees weak.

Chances are your little cheat sheet includes these ideas. While still romantic and harsh as it may seem, these are not so special since they have long turned into ordinary acts. These romantic gestures worked decades ago, and they still have their magic. They are tried and tested. And men would rather borrow a cliché than take a risk.

Blame it on all the romance paperbacks and romantic movies out there because these are the ones that set the same old expectations. Better yet, treat it as a challenge.

If you really love her, you must find more ways to express your emotions. Here are seven uncommon romantic gestures that your Slavic woman will surely love:

1) Serenade her.

You might be thinking right now how cheesy this idea is. Who else serenades their loved ones these days, anyway? Serenading a woman seems straight out of a nineties movie, but that is precisely the point. Few men, if none at all, have the guts to croon romantic lyrics or belt their hearts out in front of their women and, possibly, a small crowd of strangers anymore.

There are a dozen ways to go about this. What song should you sing? The obvious choice is a song that deeply mirrors your emotions for her. A favorite tune of hers is also a good choice. When should you do it? You can stand outside her house at night or call her before her bedtime and, instead of saying your usual good nights, you can start singing. You can also pull a guitar out of thin air or bring a guitar hero friend if you are not so musically gifted. Even a boombox will do.

2) Make a mixtape for her.

This is another relic of past decades. Besides, who still has cassette players? A mixed CD is a good alternative to a mixtape. But you might think that sending her a Spotify playlist or a YouTube link every now and then will suffice. However, the thing about mixtapes is that they are a labor of love.

Carefully choose the songs. The number one rule when making mixtapes is there should be an underlying theme. The tunes you include can be perfect when she drives to and from work every day or something she can listen to when you are away.

Take it up a notch and include recordings of yourself telling her how much you love her and what you love about her. If that is a little too embarrassing for you, you can also just recite a poem.

3) Build a time machine for her.

This is not a literal time machine. This can be a scrapbook of memories the two of you have created together. Ask her if she has pictures from your dates, but do not tell her just yet what you want them for. Just say that you want your own copy. Print these photographs, and paste them into a scrapbook.

If scrapbooking will take too much time, you can settle for a simple photo album. This is the kind of project that requires effort stretched out over a long period of time. A scrapbook or a photo album will be a perfect anniversary gift.

4) Write her quick notes.

Sometimes, you might spend the night at each other’s place. And sometimes, one person wakes up earlier than the other. If you are an early riser, put on your clothes and make a quick run to buy breakfast. But do not forget to leave a note. Do not just leave any note. Write something that will inspire a smile.

You can also add a note when you buy her something or when you simply thank her for that wonderful dinner she cooked for you the night before. You might think, “Why not just send her a text message?” Simply because notes happen to be more personal and, yes, more romantic.

5) Cook for her.

A Slavic woman is as feminine as she can be, and she is proud of it. She learned how to cook from her mother who passed onto her the family recipes that have fed generations. This culinary talent comes in handy when making a man fall in love with her.

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The same can be said about women. This is not strictly about food. This is about putting in the effort to cook something for her, something that society expects her to do. Doing this for her lets her know that you do not love her just because she can whip up something to satiate your hunger.

6) Women love collecting things whether they are books or little things like scented candles.

Pay attention to what she likes, and help her build her collection. This also serves as a way for you to bond. But, do not just stop there. Go the extra mile.

Say, she likes this particular musician. Even though she has all the albums, try to find an autographed copy. It is one of those surprises to end all surprises. She will love this gesture and will show her appreciation of your effort and dedication by taking care of your gift.

7) Wear something sexy for her.

It may be due to centuries of reinforcement but in relationships, women are the ones always expected to look sexy. The problem is most men do not return the favor.

Separate yourself from the majority. Buy sexy underwear for yourself, and try your best to look worthy of your Slavic woman’s sexiness.

It is not enough to tell her that you love her. You also need to demonstrate it. And it is a better way to express your love for your Slavic woman by constantly surprising her with uncommon romantic gestures that will charm her heart.

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