6 Communication Tips for Long Distance Relationships

Posted by on October 9th, 2017 in Long Distance Relationships, Relationships
Long Distance Relationships

One of the most essential things in a long distance relationship is communication. However, for couples who don’t get the chance to be with each other most of the time, those who reside or work miles apart, communication is even more critical. Making a relationship work and last is not easy, let alone when you are far from each other. It requires a lot of patience and commitment to survive the trying times. That is the reason why if you are in this situation, you should always find ways and make sure that you keep your communication lines open. Thanks to technology and the advent of the internet, connecting with people from the opposite side of the world is now a lot faster, easier and convenient.

If you are in a long distance relationship right now, here are some of the helpful communication advice you need to heed to close the distance and keep your love alive.

1. Take time for a video chat

Today, there’s just a plethora of platforms and applications that can be used for video chat communication. And when you are from your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, this is one of the best ways to talk and feel as if you are just together. It is a lot better because when you use video chat, you can see the expression in each other’s faces that even when you are just silent, you will see when you are both smiling and sad or whatever emotions you are carrying. This way, the feelings of longing and loneliness will be reduced. You may not be beside each other physically but you can see each other’s faces and be able to hear each other’s voices. If this is not something you can do every single day because of your busy schedules or time differences, make sure that you do it at least once a week when both of you have a lot of free time in your hands.

2. Keep communication lines open constantly through phone calls and text

If video chat can’t be done every single day, at least make time for phone calls, chat or text. It will be a lot better if this is something you can do daily. It does not have to be a very long conversation when you call or chat, but it will always mean a lot if you have the time to check out on your significant other and ask them how their day was. If you really feel tired at the end of the day, it won’t take so much of your time to dial and say a quick goodnight or send a reminder that you love them and that they are always remembered.

3. Try screen sharing technology

To keep your relationship going and to further improve it even when you are apart, you can spend time together with the help of screen sharing technology. Screen sharing allows you to see what your partner sees on their mobile device and vice versa. So if you are thousands of miles away apart and you want to spend the whole day binge watching your favorite series or doing a movie marathon, screen sharing will allow you to watch it at the same time as though you are just beside each other. This way, you can share an activity that normal couples also do when they are together.

4. Be honest and transparent

Communication in a relationship is not just all about making sure that both parties are updated with each other’s events and whereabouts. It is also being able to let each other know how you honestly feel about each other and about the relationship. Why? It’s because there will be many times in the relationship when you will feel unsure, you will have doubts not only about your partner, but about your relationship and about yourself if you can still handle the situation when loneliness creeps in. Whenever you feel anything that can affect your relationship, make sure that you tell your partner about it. Honesty is very important in a relationship because it is the foundation of trust and when one of you begins to hide some things, especially your feelings, it might be a cause of jealousy and suspicion which can eventually damage your trust for each other.

5. Don’t forget to tell each other compliments

Another good way to keep your relationship strong even when you are not together is by giving your partner compliments and letting them know that they are appreciated. Even a simple thank you or any simple form of appreciation can go a long way. Do this as frequent as you can. Thank them for the time they spend each day just to talk to you. Complementing and recognizing the efforts made by a person will further encourage them to continually doing what they are doing right, and they will even put in efforts to be better and better each time.

6. Write love letters, or love emails

Aside from the daily conversations and phone calls, it will be a lot better if you spend time writing love letters or emails to your significant other. This is just for you to express and remind them how much they are loved. You certainly don’t get to do it every day so write them a letter as if you are telling them a story, giving them something to read and putting a smile on their face. You can recall how the two of you met, how you started getting along, until you fell in love. You can tell them how much you can’t imagine the next couple of your years more without them. The sweet nothings will mean so much especially when they are written from the heart.

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