Important factors that determine how attractive you are in the international dating era

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Actually, for women, looks aren’t very important as they really want to know your personality. What do women find attractive in men? 🥰

  • Is your confidence backed up by competence?

Usually, I’m a confident individual as I’ve been very good at what I do at work. For example, I have achieved a lot in my career so far; I’ve built a wonderful lifestyle filled with interesting activities, so I’m passionate about my life. Whenever I go for something, I’m enthusiastic. However, in 2011, I had a job in a real estate business where my employer literally let me go just because I was not confident. Yet as a matter of fact, I wasn’t confident merely because I didn’t know anything about real estate – the training was not effective at that time. As a consequence, I didn’t know what to say to customers. In other words, I have to know what I’m talking about before I feel really confident. In my opinion, I can’t fake confidence forever.

Likewise, if you would like to be totally confident, you need to develop competence in the first place. As I see it, competence results from good preparation, so you need to know what you’re doing and what you’re talking about first. Then you can develop high self-esteem and know where you are at!

Yes, when you have high self-esteem, you become more masculine. Please note that ladies want to feel like ladies; therefore, they expect guys to take the lead and be alpha.

Do you have attractive, alpha and masculine behavior?

Do you have inner confidence?

  • Social soft skills are paramount.

Are you able to connect with people in a variety of situations while blending into each situation effortlessly? Ladies always want to introduce their boyfriends to friends & family; thus, your social skills are key.

Your technical dating tactics won’t work if you do not have social soft skills. You may read 100 books about dating and relationships and take a lot of notes about dating tactics. Nonetheless, if you do not have social skills in reality, your dating tactics in your notebook will not work. Period.

A friend of mine is a columnist whose job is to write blog posts for online magazines. She is indeed an expert in the dating industry because most of her articles are about dating and relationships. Nevertheless, she doesn’t really implement any of her dating theories in her life, so she hasn’t had a real date since 2015. Frankly, I don’t know her well enough to comment on why she hasn’t had a date for so many years. But I would argue that there is a difference between knowing something well and doing something well.

  • Ladies are attracted to intelligent guys.

Speaking of my experience at the real estate business, there is a little secret that I haven’t told anyone yet: The primary reason why I didn’t get the proper training was because when the trainer was teaching me things for 7 hours, I was unable to concentrate – he is a smart guy and I was totally attracted to him due to his intelligence. Because I was distracted by his attractiveness, I was unable to remember what he was talking about. Small wonder that job lasted for 2 weeks only.

My experience was uncommon and strange. But here is my point: women prefer intelligent men.

So, if you’re an intelligent man, you probably can see something in a woman that everyone else has totally missed. You are able to look beyond the superficial level into a much deeper level. As other men only notice her physical beauty, you must notice her marvelous personality as well as her emotional strength. Since your perception is deep and meaningful, she will pay attention to everything you say.

Gradually, your lady will develop the emotional connection with you, as you are able to talk to her beyond the small talk. Also, you understand who she is as a person. Your value system and her value system are similar or at least very compatible.

In addition, a man who keeps his word and does what he says is a reliable guy. Oftentimes, men who lie are weak & men who use chat-up lines are insecure. In conclusion, a man’s integrity is of vital importance.

Please do not worry about your looks. Focus on the qualities you have that will add value to a lady’s life.

“In the international dating era, women are attracted to men who are able to communicate cleanly and clearly.”

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