How you can confidently attract an Eastern European woman

Posted by on January 6th, 2022 in Dating advice
attract Eastern European ladies

It’s time to learn how to use conversation skills to build true emotional connection with a lady of your dreams.

How to talk to an Eastern European woman:

Most men only do small talk with ladies and tend to ask way too many questions. As a result, you must remember this: Don’t ask a woman too many questions as that is too much pressure on the lady. Due to globalization, a lot of women in Eastern Europe have seen western men like you before; therefore, they are not going to be impressed merely because you’re from a developed country.

You must understand how to have a comfortable and relaxed conversation with an elegant lady. So, the structure of what you say should be 80% statements and 20% questions. Also, asking fewer questions makes you look less desperate / needy.

You can talk about emotional topics with ladies in Eastern Europe. Most guys only have boring and dry conversations with ladies; thus, you should elicit emotional content in your interaction with a lady. Useful topics that may achieve this effect are: her family and friends, hobbies, her future plans and her childhood. Well, as I see it, the easiest topic is her interests and hobbies. Please have a look at this example here:

WOMAN: “I love writing.”

MAN: “Oh, I’m so impressed. Most people don’t like writing because they don’t even love reading. You must be really talented. It’s refreshing to meet someone who likes writing so much. I’m pretty sure you are a great writer.”

This is a powerful response because this guy is empathetic no matter he likes writing or not. Clearly, it is an effective way to build true rapport with an elegant lady.

Most guys have no idea when it comes to engage women; consequently, they talk about themselves too much or other people rather than talking about the lady in front of them. However, you are not one of them because you’re a growth-driven guy reading this blog right now.

Instead of saying “My cousin is an accountant” or “I went to Italy last year”, you should say “My intuition is you’re a talented person” or “I think fitness coaches are extroverts” (if she says she is a fitness coach, you should talk about her in the 3rd person; therefore, she doesn’t feel like you’re focusing on her only, even though you’re actually focusing on her). Basically, if you can identify common interests or hobbies that you share with this elegant lady from Eastern Europe, that is the ideal topic.

If she says something along the lines of, “I’m studying English Literature at university”, you should secretly analyze the situation:

  1. Why does this lady want to study English Literature? Because she is intelligent and curious?
  2. What kind of lady would study English Literature? Perhaps she is a smart woman with good taste?
  3. How does she feel about English Literature? Maybe she is very proud of what she studies?

How to get an Eastern European woman’s phone number in the right way:

MAN: “What food do you like most?”

WOMAN: “I like Italian food.”

MAN: “Have you ever been to the Italian restaurant in the city center?”

WOMAN: “No, not yet.”

MAN: “I’d like to try that Italian restaurant for dinner tomorrow. And I think you should join me.

WOMAN: “Sure.”

MAN: “OK. What’s your telephone number?”

In this example, you can see that it’s paramount to find some common interest that leads to a connection naturally. Then it’s easier to ask for her telephone number. Incidentally, even if you’ve failed to direct the conversation toward a telephone number closing, you may still get this elegant Eastern European lady’s phone number and change the dynamics. Please check out this example now:

MAN: “Okay. I have to go now. Otherwise, my friends will hate me. But I actually think we can talk to each other later. Do you have Instagram? Oh, no, I hate Instagram. What about giving me your telephone number?”

“Eastern European ladies appreciate western men who are genuine and sincere, so you’d better build a real connection with them first.”

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