How to start international dating in the right way

Posted by on February 6th, 2022 in International Dating
international dating

The fastest way to start international dating is to join a dating site which introduces Eastern European ladies to genuine men like you. 😊

What is the real goal of the first date?

The fundamental goal of the first date isn’t to impress the person sitting in front of you; it is to figure out if there is going to be a 2nd date. 😉

If you are a man reading this blog post, you have to remember that your job is not to impress her all the time. Your job on the first date is to find out whether she meets your standards. Of course, that also means you must have some standards in the first place. Note that your standards cannot be all about a woman’s looks; you have to consider her personality and other qualities as well!

However, if you are a woman reading this article, you’d better remember this question that you can ask at the end of the 1st date: “Are we going to see each other again next week?” (If you don’t like this person, you don’t need to ask this question; but if you do like this person, please ask this question before ending the first date!)

A guy may give you 3 responses:

  1. Ah. Yes! Next week we’ll certainly see each other again. What about next Wednesday? Will you be free at 7pm?” (He really likes you and is keen to see you again for a 2nd date.)
  2. Next week will be a hectic week as the deadline of an important project is drawing near at work, and I’m going to move houses, too.” (He doesn’t want to have a second date with you. Please move on.)
  3. I’ll meet with five clients next week. I may be free on Thursday night, so I will text you in terms of whether we’ll meet on Thursday night.” (He either uses his busyness as an excuse or he is actually going to be busy next week, but you can text him on Wednesday to see if he will see you again or not.)

You’ve enjoyed international dating and before you marry your girlfriend….

Please ask these questions before you get married:

  1. Where will you live? In an apartment or a house? Is this apartment / house rented or are you going to buy one?
  2. How will you interact with her parents and your parents in the future? Are they going to live with you?
  3. Are you going to have children?
  4. When are you going to have children if you will have children?
  5. Who is going to take care of your children? Will you hire a babysitter?
  6. How do you plan to manage your finances in future? (Don’t allow money to be the elephant in the room. A relationship is not good enough if you cannot talk about money with each other.)
  7. Where do you spend a lot of money on? Where does she spend a lot of money on? (Travel? Education?)
  8. Who is going to do the housework?

A marriage must face realism, so it’s a bit different from dating. Hopefully you will meet the right lady on our website and start international dating in record time! 😊

“The right reason to get married – you really want to share your amazing life with a woman that you respect and love genuinely. Don’t get married for the wrong reasons, e.g., peer pressure, trying to fit in, the society’s expectations, and so on. Please note that happy couples who can stay married highly value authenticity and have the same value systems in their relationships.”

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