How to be a real gentleman and attract Ukrainian ladies

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Ukrainian women prefer real gentlemen who know how to treat women well. If you are looking to date a woman from Ukraine, please keep reading. Here are my top tips for guys who are interested in dating Ukrainian ladies:

A real gentleman wouldn’t do any of these:

Firstly, a real gentleman wouldn’t yell at his wife. That means his voice is always tender and warm. The way he talks is very cultured and respectful. Even though sometimes he may disagree with his lady, he would use polite words at all times. Interestingly, when he is more polite, his lady is more likely to accept his opinion because there is nothing to rebel against. 😉

In the second place, a true gentleman wouldn’t manipulate his woman. Honesty is always the best policy in an authentic relationship. Remember: women from Ukraine are very honest people and they value authenticity more than western women do. As a result, they dislike manipulation. Full stop.

Lastly, a real gentleman wouldn’t violate his lady’s standards and cross boundaries in his marriage. Yes, you read that right. There are boundaries in a marriage as well. At the beginning of a healthy relationship, two people would set the right boundaries and clarify their standards cleanly and clearly so that this relationship will be sustainable, manageable, rewarding, satisfying and happy in the long run.

A real gentleman would do the following:

Firstly, a true gentleman would look after his lady. From an evolutionary point of view, men are hunters and women are gatherers. Therefore, men are biologically programmed to take care of women, while women’s natural state is to take care of the household and kids. Of course, the modern culture has changed our tradition in many ways. What I am saying is a real man must have the ability to look after his lady if she chooses to stay at home and take care of children. Indeed, there are many biological differences between men and women, so we shouldn’t deny those. Also, a man’s basic instinct is to provide and protect – that makes him feel like an alpha male, a real man.

Secondly, a real gentleman understands good etiquette. For example, he is happy to open the door for his lady. He is willing to maintain pleasant conversations during a dinner date. He is always attentive and caring when he is with his woman.

Thirdly, a true gentleman has communication skills and can solve problems through effective communication. A good marriage is best characterized by constant communication between a man and a woman. This sounds like a cliché, but it’s so true.

Next, a real gentleman masters the art of a solo dance when he is in a relationship. Even if he is married, he still pursues his hobbies, his career, his goals, etc. He still has friends and spends quality time with his friends & family. Clearly, he has mastered the art of a solo dance while maintaining a healthy marriage. In this way, his Ukrainian wife would admire him even more because he is so independent.

Moreover, a true gentleman maintains the emotional connection with his wife proactively. He doesn’t wait for his wife to make plans for the next date night. Instead, he would make plans first because he is an alpha man. He fundamentally knows that in order to strengthen the emotional connection in his marriage, he must regularly have a date night with his wife.

In addition, a real gentleman keeps the spark alive in his relationship. By that I mean he understands the importance of chemistry in a relationship. Therefore, he would cherish the spark and keep it alive at all times. Thus, he frequently creates shared experiences with his Ukrainian lady and they stay madly, deeply in love.

Furthermore, a real gentleman manages change very well because he knows that change is the only constant in life. If his Ukrainian woman keeps growing, he would support her growth. For example, Anna is a Ukrainian lady who is married to an American man. She is currently studying a law degree at university, and her husband is very supportive.

“High-caliber women prefer real gentlemen who respects women.”

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