A Slavic woman’s new concept plan for the future

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Last month I spoke to a Slavic woman who is studying international tourism and hospitality. She joined DatingInternational.com in order to find true love. She has generously shared her ambitious concept plan with me because she has met a very handsome gentleman from Australia – now they are getting married. Therefore, they are thinking about running a hotel in Australia together.

  • A Slavic woman’s future plan:

This concept plan is about a hotel called Inn the Forest which will be built in a forest on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. The main features of this hotel are a wooden building with a solar panel on the roof & a rainwater collection system inside the building as well as glamping with individual luxurious tents where people can see outdoor movies (supported by solar energy) and taste wine. All luxurious tents are built along the river, thereby becoming a part of the local scenery. What’s more, there is an RV campground with toilets, a car park, dinner tables for picnics, barbecue stoves – the RV campground is mostly for customers who only want to experience the activities in this hotel (they do not want to stay at the hotel for the night.) In addition, a customer uses FunPass to participate in various activities, e.g., tasting local foods (edible wild vegetables and herbs) and activities in nature, including hiking and observing stars at night.

Building this hotel should cost a smaller amount of money, compared to building a standard mainstream hotel. Inn the Forest would attract many customers – most of them are families, students and spiritual or health/wellness retreats. These customers are already spending money elsewhere and a lot of them are looking for a more suitable hotel that can meet their real needs, i.e., getting closer to the nature and reducing their stress.

This concept plan is the initial stage in clarifying and specifying a business idea regarding a hypothetical hotel called Inn the Forest. It explains the ideation process, the application of a reliable concept construct and the summary of this concept, i.e., its operational philosophy as well as how this operational philosophy exceeds the current operating standards in this field and competitor offers.

The research is conducted through three creative thinking methodologies, utilizing an existing concept model and analyzing the target market in a realistic manner. The concept plan is refined by examining its market, financial and technical feasibility in Australia.

  • The Slavic woman’s ideation process:

The first creative thinking method that has been used is brainstorming. Unlimited ideas (including the business idea in this concept plan) have been generated because of this method. 

The second creative thinking methodology that has been utilized is six thinking hats. Northrup (2019) argues that more and more people are overworked and highly stressed due to the high expectations of the modern-day society. Also, Manson (2020) claims that mental health issues such as depression and anxiety have become more serious since the invention of smartphones. Therefore, it can be seen that there are sufficient studies which include specific information about why the modern lifestyle is not supporting individuals’ health and wellbeing. That means the white hat in this approach suggests that a different hotel which can give people a unique experience would be very beneficial. However, other hats do not seem to produce any useful ideas in this regard.

The third creative thinking methodology that has been implemented is mind mapping. According to the mind map, this hotel could be built in the outback of Australia, in a forest, or on an island. Nevertheless, compared to the outback of Australia, Kangaroo Island has more advantages due to its environment, natural scenery, and developed tourism industry. As a result, Inn the Forest should be built on Kangaroo Island.

“Slavic women are very, very creative!”

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