Top Tips to Get a Date on Tinder

Posted by on July 31st, 2017 in Dating advice, Relationships
Get a Date on Tinder

The social media has made our lives easy in so many ways, and dating is one of them. Through social media sites and apps, we have been given a convenient and easy way to connect to our friends, family and even strangers. This is why dating apps and sites like Tinder became popular.

People who do not have so much time to go out and meet some friends to socialize have learned to depend on dating apps. Tinder is now one of the most widely used apps in the world. If you are currently single and are looking for a date, here are some helpful tips you may want to try so that you can get a date on Tinder.

1. Your introduction should be as natural as possible

You don’t have to really rehearse how you will say your first line or what you will have to say first. Whatever works for others may not necessarily work for you too. So in order to successfully catch the attention of your Tinder match, just say something about that one thing that sparked your interest in them. This way, you will sound really genuine and it won’t look like you are faking it just to get noticed.

2. Put something in your bio

Your bio is important and it’s not something that you should skip. This is your venue to tell people more about yourself, especially your interests, your hobbies and anything you’d like to share. If you don’t have anything in your bio, people will less likely to find you interesting. However, you must also be careful not to overdo it. Just be honest about the information you are putting up in your profile.

3. Link your Instagram

Instagram is one excellent venue for expressing one’s self through photos. And if you want to share a certain side of you for others to get to know you better especially the things you like and enjoy, you might want to link your Instagram account. Your updates in Instagram will also help keep your account up to date so that you won’t have to manually do it all the time.

4. Don’t give out your numbers right away

When you get to talk to a match and you feel like you two are getting along well, it will still be best if you hold off giving your mobile number right away until you are sure that you are ready to meet them.

5. Be yourself

It is important to stay true to yourself and avoid pretending to be someone else just to make someone like you. Even in the photos, you are posting should reveal the real you and your real personality. Let these pictures tell them a story about who you are and what your interests are. You deserve to be liked and accepted for who you are and not for someone you are not.

6. Increase your chances of getting more matches by uploading more photos

If you want to get more matches, you need to have more profile photos uploaded. You must also maximize your bio and even indicate your educational background and your current job. You will be amazed at how many Tinder matches you can find.

7. Sunday evenings are the best time to swipe

According to a survey, most Tinder users are active on a Sunday evening and it means that this is the best time for you to find your match. Although of course, it does not mean that you just have to limit yourself to just these specific hours to swipe.

8. Keep the conversation going

There are times when it feels like you are already running out of things to talk about. Try to look for some common ground or common interests and bring it up during the discussion. When you do this, you won’t even notice that you are actually talking for hours already. Now if your match does not seem to be the type who is really interested in small talk but you don’t want the conversation to end just yet, you can just at least like the last message that you match has sent you.

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