How to Bounce Back from a Bad Dating Past and Find Your Perfect Match

Posted by on December 15th, 2017 in Dating advice, Relationships
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Bad and traumatic experiences from your past dates and relationships can impact your current dating life. They can also influence the way you look at love and relationships. With a past full of disappointment, anger, and pain, you might just feel hesitant and anxious to risk opening yourself up again to someone. But, you should not allow your previous experiences to hinder you from finding love and being happy again.

Here are some ways you can bounce back and finally find your perfect match.

1. Program your mind for a healthy closure

You may not be able to do anything about your past anymore but you can control how you think about it. To have a peace of mind, it will help if you program your brain to have a healthy closure. Spend time thinking about how your previous relationships or dating failed, what went wrong and the lessons you have learned from them. The more you understand these events, the easier it will be for you to accept everything. It will be easier for you to think clearly and look at the brighter side of things. You may have had your bad experiences but you can set your mind to think that things happen for a reason. Believe that someone better and something better is in store for you.

2. Don’t let the past influence your decision to love again

Not all relationships succeed. Not all couples reach get happily ever after. And that’s exactly why you need to cheer up because these things are natural. And even if your first or second or third relationship failed, it does not mean that you can never find the person that’s right for you. If you had traumatic or bad experiences in your past dating life, you may need to give yourself ample time to heal and process things. You may even benefit from counseling. But when you are better and complete again, you should not stop yourself from believing in love once more.

3. Look at each relationship differently

It will be unfair to anyone who wants to be a part of your life if you have negative assumptions on how the relationship will go. It’s not fair if you judge them right away or don’t give them a chance to prove to you that they can love you simply because you’ve been hurt in the past. Detach yourself from your past romantic relationships and view your new dating experience as a new opportunity to find love.

4. Confront your fears

It is natural to have fears and be afraided to get hurt again if you have been through alot of pain and heartbreak before. But, you can’t allow these fears to control you and get the better of you. You can give these fears less power if you confront them. Ask yourself why you need to be scared? Why do you need to be insecure? What is it that you are scared of? Is it because you are afraid to love again and risk again? Ask yourself these questions and drill down to what’s causing your hesitations. Know that at the end of the day, love is still all about taking risks. If you only allow your fears and doubts and insecurities to control you, you will never be happy again.

5. Open yourself once again

Little by little, you need to start opening yourself once more to building new connections so that you can gradually let go of your past trauma. Use an optimistic approach when you think about new relationships. It might take time, and you don’t have to rush, but these are the little steps you can start doing to help you recover. Invite love into your life once more and don’t be afraid.

Your past relationship may not have been easy. But you’ve learned valuable lessons from it that made you wiser and stronger today. And now that you know that you are a better person, you have the power to create the kind of future you want and leave the past behind.

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