4 Pieces of Advice to Get Over the Pain of a Break up

Posted by on December 11th, 2017 in Relationships
Sad Break up

We all suffer many different kinds of pain in life. But when it comes to emotional pain, one of the most difficult to go through is the pain we get from a break-up or loss of a relationship. The thing about heartbreak is you can never make it go away easily, especially when you know how much love you have given a person. It’s not something you can just sleep on and feel better the day after.

However, experiencing a breakup can help you come out stronger afterwards, especially if you have dealt with it the right way. People have different ways to get over the pain and forget, and there may be no shortcut to getting over this feeling.

Here are some helpful pieces of advice you could use to get over the pain of a breakup.

1. Work through your feelings

Right after a breakup, what usually happens is that we tend to think a lot about what happened in the relationship, what went wrong, the one who was at fault, etc. However, you need to take this time to process your feelings. Go back to the reason why you broke up. This is not to think about who needs to take the blame, but because you need to learn from the mistakes you both have done which led to the breakup. Make it a learning experience by being objective. It will give you a clear and better insight on what happened, instead of beating yourself up and just feeling sorry.

2. Give yourself enough time to heal

Healing your heart from a breakup does not happen overnight. It is not something that can happen in a snap of a finger. We all wish it was just as easy as that. But healing takes time, and that length of time varies for everyone. Some people take weeks to heal while others can take months or even years. The most important thing is that you give yourself that time. You deserve it–and need it. Don’t deny it if you know you’re still hurting. It’s all a part of the healing process.

3. Move on

While you are healing, you need to help yourself move on. Make good use of this time to engage in or pick up a hobby to distract you from your sadness. Do fun activities to take your mind off what happened. This step is not only going to help you forget, but it will also help meet and connect with new people and friends. While you are enjoying your time being single, you need to make sure that you don’t allow yourself to get in touch with your ex once again. Never contact them again. Don’t text, call or chat with them. If you can unfollow them or delete them from your social media accounts, then it’s much better. You need to help yourself stay away from anything that might tempt you to contact them. If you want to move on, you should make a conscious effort to avoid seeing them even on your social media accounts.

4. Reconnect with your friends and loved ones

When you were still in a relationship, you probably have spent a lot of your time with your partner and less time with your friends and family. Now that you are single, you should reconnect with your loved ones. The more you spend time with them, the more you share your feelings with them, the better you will feel. It will make you feel lighter to know that these people ‘got your back’. It will make you feel that you are ready to face the world because even if one person left you and broke up with you, there are still plenty of people in your life who will always be there and will never leave.

There is really no easy way to mend a broken heart. But when you follow these simple pieces of advice, you can get over it while coming out stronger and wiser.

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