6 Biggest Mistakes Most Women Do in Relationships

Posted by on August 7th, 2017 in Dating advice, Relationships
Women Mistakes

A lot of women struggle with their relationships, and they cannot even figure out why. There are times when they do not realize what they are actually doing wrong, and that they do certain stuff that is actually detrimental to the relationship.

If you find yourself in the same situation and but you don’t want to hurt your relationship, it is important for you to be aware of the things you need to avoid doing, and here are some of them.

1. You do not give yourself enough value

One of the most common mistakes of women, especially when loving too much, is that they give everything up for their partners until it reaches a point when they do not have anything left for themselves. It is perfectly okay to love with all your heart, but you must also know when things are no longer acceptable. You should know your value so that you also know the kind of relationship and the kind of person that you deserve. You should not settle for anything less than you deserve. Don’t even think that you are not enough for somebody, because you will always be more than enough for the person who deserves your love.

2. You are too independent and intimidating

While there is really nothing wrong with being independent, this could push some men away. That’s because your partner would also want to feel that they have a role in your life. You may not really need to depend on everything in your life but you also must let them feel that you need them.

3. You are trying to change him

Men don’t need women to fix them. They do not want to feel as if they are his girlfriend’s project. If you also have this kind of nature, you might as well just minimize or stop it because it might just make him feel bad. What you need to make him feel is that you accept him for who he is, instead of trying to change him to the person that he is not. Aside from making him feel bad, he might also feel insulted. Just like you, and just like any other person in the world, we all want to be accepted, and more importantly, appreciated for who we are, despite our flaws and imperfections.

4. You fail to appreciate the effort they put into the relationship

One of the worst things that a woman can do is to make a man feel as if he has done nothing for her and for the relationship. This is very common among women who lacks self-assurance. They fail to see and be thankful for the way a man treats her especially he invests time and effort into the relationship. Remember that love is not measured through gifts and material things. A man has the capacity to make a woman feel special and loved in many different ways including time, energy and effort. If a man does these things and you do not see it that way, chances are you might just be losing a good man.

5. You enter a relationship because you need a man to complete you

If you committed to a relationship because you want to feel happy and loved, then you are in that relationship for the wrong reasons. If there is a void in your life, then you don’t need someone else to fill it up. You have some work to do within yourself. You might need to learn how to love yourself better first before you even try to love another person. You cannot love a person completely if your love for yourself is not complete either. Otherwise, you will just end up getting disappointed and frustrated in the relationship, because you are only expecting a person to fill up that emptiness inside of you.

6. You are expecting too much

Relationships are not always rainbows and butterflies because there will be a lot of tough times too. In the same way, you cannot also expect your partner to be perfect because we are all human and we are all flawed. Do not expect too much and don’t expect perfection. Sometimes, it is not just about the other person letting us down, sometimes it is just us having unrealistic expectations.

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