How to be the high-quality candidate that Eastern European women like

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Eastern European women

You are reading this guide because you are interested in dating advice as well as personal development. That means you have the prerequisite of becoming an irresistible guy that Ukrainian ladies admire: a growth mindset. 😊

•      Believe that you’re an irresistible guy already.

A guy asked me how to become an irresistible guy that Ukrainian women like. I looked at him and saw a good-looking man. Further analysis shows that he didn’t really believe that he is an irresistible guy already. As a consequence, the way he communicates with ladies lacks confidence. That’s why ladies didn’t find him attractive.

My suggestion was to change his mind-set in the first place. Therefore, I asked him to change his clothing as external confidence seriously influences inner confidence.

‘Your clothes do not have to cost a lot of money, yet they have to be right,’ I said to him, ‘Do not wear random sweaters. Please go to H&M and buy some new outfits!’

He went shopping and purchased some new clothes. When I met him again, I saw a handsome and confident guy.

‘I feel so different in this new outfit,’ this guy said, ‘Actually, the way I move and the way I talk have totally changed as now I look significantly better.’

He was excited, for he changed his appearance. Truthfully, even the way he walks and the way he carries himself changed, too. He has become more sophisticated and elegant overall.

‘When I met you for the first time, I saw you were an irresistible guy already. But you didn’t know it then,’ I said to him, ‘Upgrading your closet helps you see how irresistible you actually are.’

Yes, a new closet unfolds a guy’s confidence in an interesting manner. 😉

•      Find out where Ukrainian women are, and you should also be there.

A smart guy would not spend each weekend with male friends watching football on TV as that’s not where Ukrainian women are!

Please note that you won’t be able to date Ukrainian ladies if you are surrounded by many men all the time.

Arthur is a switched-on guy who signed up for a Ukrainian language class. He wanted to learn Ukrainian because he was keen to date a woman from Ukraine. He became friends with the Ukrainian language teacher who introduced him to her social circle full of ladies from Ukraine.

Now Arthur is dating a lady from Ukraine that he met through his Ukrainian teacher’s social circle.

He is a smart cookie, isn’t he? Well, yes, Arthur reads a book every week. He says he was inspired by Marilyn Monroe, an avid, passionate reader whose house had many books. It is said that guys were attracted to Marilyn Monroe’s looks at the beginning. However, as time went by, men realized that Marilyn Monroe was a wonderful conversationalist as she always had something interesting to share with men (she was reading every single day). Basically, after transforming your wardrobe, you need to transform your inner world. The fastest way to transform your inner world is to be an enthusiastic reader. As I see it, reading is also a kind of meditation. If a book is enjoyable, it’s indeed a very joyful experience. Ambitious men are avid readers who generally like reading 3 categories of books: A) books on mastery, e.g., public speaking, writing, etc. B) books on self-care, e.g., fitness and health. C) books on career or business, e.g., time management and productivity.

•          How to talk to an Eastern European woman:

Most men only do small talk with ladies and tend to ask way too many questions. As a result, you must remember this: Don’t ask a woman too many questions as that is too much pressure on the lady. Due to globalization, a lot of women in Eastern Europe have seen western men like you before; therefore, they are not going to be impressed merely because you’re from a developed country. You must understand how to have a comfortable and relaxed conversation with an elegant lady. So, the structure of what you say should be 80% statements and 20% questions. Also, asking fewer questions makes you look less desperate / needy.

“You can talk about emotional topics with ladies in Eastern Europe. Most guys only have boring and dry conversations with ladies; thus, you should elicit emotional content in your interaction with a lady. Useful topics that may achieve this effect are: her family and friends, hobbies, her future plans and her childhood. Well, as I see it, the easiest topic is her interests and hobbies.”

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