10 Steps You Should Take To Get Noticed By Slavic Women

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Slavic Women

There are surely many ways to attract women. But, did you know there are ways to have your arms around the Slavic woman of your dreams? Well, by taking these ten steps, you’ll surely get noticed by Slavic women on dating sites.

Although it’s difficult to gauge each person, these steps will help you get to know more about the Slavic culture.

Don’t look so desperate

As with people who have read posts on how to be more confident, there’s this one thing that always comes up. This line is either “Fake it ‘til you make it” or “Act like you’ve been here before.” This is exactly what Slavic women want. The easiest way to lose a woman is to become possessive and desperate. In all honesty, even men wouldn’t want a girl who’s so possessive and desperate, right? These types of people often get walked on (not literally, though, but sometimes it could happen), which isn’t a good thing. So, the best way to act isn’t to show that you’re ready to get married after your first date or meeting. Simply taking the relationship step by step and getting to know each other will help start a blooming relationship.

Keep them guessing

How do you keep a woman guessing? Well, don’t be predictable. That’s the only thing that’s needed. You can’t go all mushy, and go on a first date with the usual candlelit dinner and flowers. You’ve got to bring some “hmpf.” It’ll give the Slavic women guessing on what you’re going to do next. Most of the women in the world look and search for both excitement and anticipation. If they know what your next move is, this will get them bored. So, instead of having a dead-end relationship after another because one gets bored, spice things up or mix things up. Keep her guessing. This means don’t always call when you say you will, but you’ll go to her instead. Well, that is if you’re near each other. Basically, you get it. Keep them guessing, and you’ll have zero problems vying for attention from other men.

Just do it

When we say just do it, we mean it like the Nike slogan. It means go act. If there’s a Slavic woman interested in you, don’t leave her hanging. Remember that there are many men attracted to Slavic women. So, if they don’t get it from you, they’ll get it from somewhere else. For example, if you’re on a date and you don’t go in for the first kiss because “you’re shy” or “you want to respect them,” you might have missed out on a good relationship. Borrowing from Russell Peters’ words, “Be a man. Do the right thing.” Make your move. By doing this, you’re showing how confident and strong you are as a man, which is what they’re looking for.

Let them work

Yes! Make Slavic women work! There are people that don’t value something because they don’t have to work for it. Sometimes, this is true for Slavic women. If you’re there on speed dial because she knows you’ll be there in a jiffy, well, she probably doesn’t value or appreciate you. Because of this, it means that as soon as you’re done giving her the favor, she’ll be out the door. Be unpredictable and a little bit hard to please. There’s no fun in being monotonous anyway, right? To find out if she’s working on the relationship as much as you do, make sure she’s calling you as much as you’re calling her. Remember that the more work she’ll be putting into a relationship, the more she wants to be with you. This also includes sexual intercourse.

Be creative

Can you get creative enough so that nothing becomes dull? Even though beautiful women get a lot of attention, “normal” men can still grab them. This is only as long as they’re creative. I’ve had several beautiful Slavic friends that go out with “ugly” guys (ugly in terms of how other people judge them, so not my word of description). These guys often get asked why such a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman is going out with them. Well, that is exactly it. These guys were able to tickle (not literally!) these women into fascination. So, get creative. It’ll get her both excited and interested.

Make a plan

One thing Slavic women love is having a man with a plan. When you’re trying to attract one of these ladies, you’re going to have to go above and beyond just the time frame of meeting each other. In the instance that you’ll visit their home country, make sure to check out places they’d be interested in going to. In the long run, you can even make a plan on telling her to wear a dress that you’ve hidden in the closet to wear for dinner at 7 p.m. at a certain restaurant. This is both creative, and the surprise will blow her away with how you’ve planned everything.

Don’t be a creeper

Every dating site probably already tells you this; however, we cannot impose this enough. Don’t be a creeper. Slavic women don’t like creepy guys, and they are usually dodged and not even responded. So, make sure you don’t come off as a person like this. The best way to not be a creep is to not sweat the small stuff so much. When you’re trying to attract Slavic women, you would need to give the impression that you’re somewhat busy to care when she messages you back. It shows that you’re both laid back and cool. She may assume that you’re busy with other women, but it’ll have her want you more.

Be the gentleman that you are

Even if she might think that you’re talking to other women (which is totally fine), you have to show that you’re a gentleman. It’s the most powerful way to stand out from the crowd as it’s known that Slavic men are beer-binging and vodka-drinking drunkards. So, simply opening the door and pulling out a chair will already show that you’re better than most of the men they’re surrounded by.

Be mysterious

This always gets Slavic women and all women in general. Have you ever heard that many women from movies or whatnot say “He’s so mysterious” followed by the guy getting stalked one way or another by a girl? Well, this is exactly what you want to happen. Most women are like this, and Slavic women are no different. Don’t lay out your whole life story in one go when you meet a Slavic woman. Besides it killing the anticipation of knowing you more as the days go by, it also may show that you aren’t her kind of man to be with. So, hold back on some information, especially the best part of you. This will make her more impressed with you, especially when she discovers them on her own.

Track record

You don’t have to run to get a track record. We mean that we want you to know that Slavic women, in nature, are very competitive. As we’ve said earlier, Slavic women get more interested in you if she discovers or thinks that you have other things going on with other women. This is especially true for Slavic women that are very attractive as they are used to the full attention of men. So, create a track record by being a busy man with a busy dating life. Slavic women like challenges.

There you have it. Ten simple steps to get yourself noticed by Slavic women!

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