6 Ways to Prove that a Guy Loves You

Posted by on September 22nd, 2017 in Dating advice, Relationships
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There are some guys who are not really expressive of their feelings, and if you are currently in the dating stage, it could be hard to tell whether your man really loves you or not. Sometimes, it gets to a point when it becomes frustrating but you have to know that there really are people who better express their love and emotions in other forms than words. There are plenty of other signs that will prove his feelings for you.

If you want to really prove how he feels about you, here are some of the things you should consider.

1. He is affectionate

This is probably one of the sure signs that will tell you that your man loves you even without him verbally expressing it. If he cares about you, you will feel it with his actions and the way he treats you. In cases when you are sick or upset, he will make ways to take care of you and to comfort you. He will go out of his way to make sure that you feel you are special and well taken care of.

2. He stares at you

If you constantly catch him staring at you, especially in your eyes and your face, it only means that he likes you so much. It means that he is thinking about you and admire you. You may not exactly know what is running into his head but one thing is for sure, you have caught his attention enough for him to look at you the way no one else does.

3. He shows interest to know your friends

Another huge sign that will tell you that he has feelings for you is when he is interested to get to know your friends. He knows that your friends are important to you, therefore, in order to get to know you better, he would also want to get along with the people you are always with. He treats them as his own friends and he wants to build a good relationship with them as well. That is because he is thinking about your relationship or future relationship. He knows that these are the people whom both of you can rely on when times get rough.

4. He wants to be involved with your family

Aside from getting to know and getting along with your friends, you can also tell if a guy loves you if he makes an effort to know and be involved with your family. A man who does not have any intentions of taking you seriously and committing with you won’t even bother to know your family members. But because he loves you and he sees a future with you, he might bring up topics like visiting your parents or inviting your siblings for coffee just so he can get to know them. He understands that family is very important and he will appreciate it even more if gets invited to a family event.

5. He shows supports for your dreams and ambitions

A guy who loves you will always to make sure that you get everything that makes you happy, because your happiness is his happiness, too. If you have your personal dreams and goals, he will be there to support them because he knows they are important for you, so he will respect it. In fact, if there is anything he can do to help you reach your ambitions, he will not even think twice about helping out because he wants to see that you are fulfilled, and happy.

6. He makes you feel that you are a priority

Time is one of the best things that person who loves can give. So even if he is not really vocal about his feelings and emotions, if he goes out of his way to spend more time with you, it means that he loves you. If he has a very busy schedule but he find ways to squeeze in some time to see you and be with you every day, it only means that he likes and enjoys your company and that you make him happy. It seems as though his day is never complete without you. And when he has already set a schedule to see you, he sees to it that it does not get cancelled because he also values your time.

7. He shows interest in your passion and your hobbies

While it is healthy for two people who are dating to have separate hobbies, one indication that a guy has feelings for you is when he also becomes interested with your favorite past times. It does not mean that he needs to forget about his own, but he just wants to do it because he feels that he is more involved in your life and he is having fun doing it with you.

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