Special Ways that Set Real Love Apart

Posted by on July 5th, 2017 in Relationships
Ways that Set Real Love Apart

There are many different types of love in this world and it comes in various forms, and one that amuses and excites people the most is romantic love. However, while it is difficult to define love, it is always mistaken for some other things. People confuse it for jealousy, selfishness, obsession and others. So what really is the meaning of true love? What are the things that make it real?

If you are just as curious to understand the meaning of true love, here are the things you need to know to about its characteristics.

1. Real love means you think about the other person’s happiness more than your own

You may have heard about this a million times but this is still true. When love is real, it means that you can be selfless and you care about the other person being happy even if means you have to sacrifice your own.

2. It means that you are bidding your expectations goodbye

It is natural for us to wish that our partners can love us in certain ways we want to be loved, but if you truly love someone, you are ready and willing to accept them for who they are, who they are not, what they can and what they can’t do. It means that you don’t bind them within your own expectations because you just love them as they are.

3. It means that you can be supportive of their dreams

If you deeply care about someone, it means that you can be supportive of their dreams and aspirations. It also means that you support them not simply because you have to but because you know deep inside that you want to do it for their happiness and you also want the best for them.

4. Love is not jealous

In a relationship, it is normal to feel jealous at times and it does not mean that you do not love your partner. However, too much jealousy may not mean love at all because if you are in love with someone and in a commitment with them, it means that you trust them with all your heart and you are confident about who you are in their lives.

5. They are always your first thought

You know when it is real love when they are the very first person that comes into your mind in every waking moment. They are also the very first one you want to share everything that happens to you whether they are significant events or any random, mundane happenings in your day. That is because you want them to be a part of every aspect of your life.

6. It is not just a mere feeling

Real love is not just based on emotions and how you feel at a certain point of time, because feelings fade away. When all the butterflies and excitement are all gone, it is your love that will make you stay because it is a decision. It is a commitment. You love because you choose to stay with this person with no conditions.

7. It is unconditional

This is one of the most important measures of love. You know it is real when you know that you are not expecting something in return. You also do not limit yourself to just how much you will love and how much you will give. You love because you have accepted all the good and the bad about a person without even trying to change them.

8. It means putting their needs above your own

When your love is sincere and pure, you think about your partner’s needs above everything else because it is not selfish. Your priority is not yourself, although it does not mean that you stop loving and caring about yourself. However, it means that you are selfless enough to think about what your significant other needs, even if it requires you to sacrifice. That is because you want to make them feel valued and important.

9. It makes you feel like home

When love is real, it makes you feel like home, and that is because you know that no matter what happens, you will keep on coming back to this person wherever you go.

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