5 Signs that He’s Not Really Into you

Posted by on July 7th, 2017 in Dating advice, Relationships
Signs that He’s Not Really Into you

The dating stage is fun and exciting, especially when you both seem to like each other. However, there are times when you feel like the guy seems interested, but other times, it seems like he’s not. This is where the confusion starts.

When a guy truly likes you, the signs can be pretty obvious. But when he doesn’t, it could be hard to tell at times, especially when he’s just really the nice guy. This uncertainty can put you in a very uncomfortable and confusing situation, and it really pays to know the signs.

Here are some of the most common tell-tale signs to find out if he’s really into you or not.

1. He doesn’t ask much about your personal life

It is not a good sign if a guy doesn’t ask a lot about you or your personal life. If he does not show interest and eagerness to get to know you more on a personal level, it could be an obvious sign that he is not really interested. It’s because when you like someone, chances are you would be eager to know more about the person. He would ask about your hobbies, your passion, even your dreams. But if he doesn’t, then he’s clearly not interested with you.

2. He doesn’t share so much about himself

A guy who is interested with you will not hesitate to reveal personal stuff about himself. We have tendency to share more about ourselves when we are comfortable with someone, especially when we are investing in them. We share with them a part of us that we do not share with just anybody else; simply because we think that they could potentially become a part of our lives. He might tell you about the very basic information about himself like his career, but if he does not go any deeper than that, it only means one thing – and that’s the fact that he does not see you as a potential part of his life. If he likes you, he will not hesitate to open up.

3. You don’t talk a lot

After your first date, if he a guy is interested with you, he will never fail to check on you, or call you on the phone on any random day. He will feel comfortable to talk to you just about anything simply because he wants to hear your voice and he is interested to hear about your day. However, if he is not interested, you cannot expect him to text you or make phone calls. It also means that he does not remember you a lot.

4. It takes him too long to invite you for the next date

A guy who is interested with you will not have to wait for a couple of days before he invites you for another date. He won’t wait that long to see you again and talk to you again, that is, if he already likes you. After the second date, there will be the third, fourth and succeeding dates if he is really into you. However, if he does not continue in asking you out, it means that you should not expect to see something on the horizon. But if he is into you, he might even mention about his plans for your next date, where he is going to bring you, your next activities, and so on. He will constantly reach out and he will be blunt in telling you that he wants to see you again.

5. He will make excuses for not keeping in touch

If a guy is not into you, he will always explain his reasons why he failed to get in touch with you. He will tell you he is busy with work, he has tons of things going on and many other excuses. On the other hand, a guy who is really interested will somehow put an effort to get in touch with you. If he is too busy to see you, he will find time to reach out to you even just through a phone call or a text message. Besides, a guy who is full of excuses at the start may be an indication that he could not be a good boyfriend after all.

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