Thinking Of Getting A Pet Together

Posted by on February 6th, 2017 in Relationships
Getting A Pet Together

Thinking Of Getting A Pet Together? Here Are Some Things To Bear In Mind

As the dating relationship moves to the next level, a lot of couples start to think about either moving in together, or finding something to raise together as a couple. One of the more popular options is to get a pet.

However, pets are not all fluffy and cute. There’s a lot of care and upkeep involved.

Aside from the daily care and upkeep of pets, there’s also the issue of a possible breakup. No dating couple would like to think about the prospect of breaking up, but in the event that things just won’t work out, the pet may be the first “casualty” of the fallout.

And so, if you and your loved one are set on adding a pet to your relationship, then here are a few tips to ensure that it’s going to be healthy for everyone involved.

  1. Read up on the type of pet to get before anything else. Of course, it’s a whole world of difference between a goldfish and a cat, or even between a cat and a dog. Each type of animal has their own quirks, habits, and characteristics. Determine the best fit for your lifestyle. Admittedly, fish and birds may be a lot less fun to keep than a playful dog or a curious cat. Also, they require less human interaction, and birds and fish will do well with the absence of one owner or even both owners. Cats and dogs, however, are a different matter altogether, so read up on the care, upkeep, and even socialization of each type of animal before you decide which one to get.
  1. Agree on who gets the pet in the event of a breakup. The agreement could be verbal or on paper because some couples actually face issues wherein one gets saddled with the pet because of one reason or the other. Figure out who would be more willing to keep the pet, and follow through with the agreement upon the breakup, should it happen.
  1. Agree on the “visitation rights” if you want to ensure that the pet still sees the other, or if you prefer to ensure a complete lack of contact. Should the breakup happen, you both should agree whether the other could still visit the pet or not. This way, expectations would be set, and you both would be prepared for whether you would have to deal with the awkwardness and other issues. It may be a good time to agree on a set period, say six months to a year, when visitation should be put on hold so that you both could still recover from the breakup. If you both decide that it’s time to start the visits or if it’s more sensible to just part ways forever, then it may be a good idea to ask the services of a pet behaviorist if the pet develops separation anxiety issues.
  1. Research on the upkeep of the pet. Aside from your research prior to deciding on which pet to get, when you’ve finally decided on the type of pet to go for, learn how to take care of them. As you finally get the pet, continue your research especially when the pet encounters health issues. Don’t forget to identify and bookmark all the vets in your area, especially those that specialize in the health care of your particular pet as well as to get all the shots, medications, and vitamins that your pet may need.
  1. Have fun! Getting a pet is an interesting pursuit that could enhance and enrich your relationship, so have fun taking care, training, and enjoying the personality of your pet.

Getting a pet is a great pursuit: It is fun, it is interesting, and it adds liveliness, color, and joy to your relationship. However, just be responsible and be mindful of the possibility that there could actually be a breakup so that the pet still thrives even when that happens.

Enjoy your new furry “offspring”!

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