Best Online Date Ideas These Upcoming Holidays

Posted by on February 8th, 2017 in Dating advice
Best Online Date Ideas

So, Christmas is just around the corner, but you can’t be with the lady you’re talking to during this special time of the year. What will you do? Create an online date scenario to woo your lady and sweep her off her feet, that’s what. Doing this might be a bit difficult, but it can be done. Check out these ideas for dating someone who’s far away from you.

First of all, don’t be too negative and blame the distance for ruining your chance in love. Love knows no boundaries even with distance. So, if your chance at true love is a thousand miles away by plane, you’ve got to use your resources. Thanks to the internet and a million countless apps, this have become easier. There’ll definitely be ups and downs as with any relationship, and don’t get us wrong, it’ll also be more difficult if you like to have physical presence. However, again, thanks to the advancement of technology nowadays, holidays with your lady may not be as sad as just another voice on the phone.

Honestly, I know a friend who met each other online, and they Skyped each other whenever they can for five years. I think they were able to visit each other like once a year if one or the other saved enough money. But, seven years after they met each other, they got married and now live together, so you see? Distance is never going to be an excuse for why your relationship never worked out.

  1. Skype Date
    I’ve got a lot of international friends. Some of us own iPhones for a reason so that when we’re on the go and want to talk to each other, we’re basically just a video chat away with the use of Facetime. However, not everyone has an iPhone to carry around, let alone data to use with video chats. So, what’s the next best thing? Skype or Oovoo. What’s good with these services is that they’re free to use, so all the merrier to be able to use them.To set up a Skype date, simply let your lady know about Skype if she doesn’t already know about it, or if you two haven’t used it. This service will allow you to have video chat capabilities where you can see each other on video as well as listen to each other talk. During your Skype dates, you can talk to each other, and remove all distractions. But, you can also try going about your day so you can show each other what it’s like where you are, and she can show you the same on her end.
  2. Watch something together
    Okay, you may think this is sad, or other people will think that it’s sad that you’re sitting beside a screen while watching a movie or TV show. But, hey, you do what you can to make the relationship work. So, don’t think that an idea is sad or stupid unless you’ve tried it.A blogger once told about her encounter with a long distance relationship in which they watched a TV show together on a computer. So, they’re on video chat on Skype with an episode of their TV show playing, they chatted through the show, and it got them closer even if the show was just 20 minutes. It just goes to show that distance really has no say on how love works. However, if you don’t think that they’ll sit down and watch with you because of the time difference, then just leave them a video message to watch later on. She can watch the TV show while still seeing you there.
  3. Need intimacy? Maybe Skype sex will help
    Honestly, distance can and will get into the root of every fight in a relationship. Besides the fact that skin-to-skin contact is impossible at this stage, cheating may also occur, so yes to Skype sex. Skype will not be able to fill in the longing feeling of the other person’s touch, but it’s a great alternative. Skype sex is similar to sexting which is short for sex texting.Try it, and see if you two enjoy it. There are a million and one ways to do it, and it might just release the sexual frustration. Note though that you only do this when you two have talked about it because you don’t want to be pulling out anything unnecessary when your lady isn’t at the same pace as you are.
  4. Eat a meal together
    I’ve tried this with one of the girls I dated online; we tried to eat a meal together at least once or twice a week. It was easy because it’s like we were eating together, and as we talked, I really felt like we were close. It obviously didn’t work out between us as lovers, but we’re still friends and we occasionally talk.So, maybe you two could talk about this. You may Skype with each other about what you’ll be having for family dinner during the holidays, and try to include your lady. You can do this by passing the phone or whatever device you’ll use around, and introduce her to your family members during the holidays. This should allow her to feel like she’s with you even though you’re or she’s far away.
  5. Candlelit dinner with wine date
    This can’t happen without you two working together though. What I’ve done before is send her a recipe that’s easy to make, and she sent me recipes I could make, then we prepare that for our “dinner date.” Basically, we prepare what one would’ve wanted the other to eat. You can Skype during the preparation or just when everything’s prepared. The main goal is basically to spend some time with each other even if it’s not for the holidays. This can be done any other day, but it’ll be nice to add this during the holidays too.You can toast to the relationship, but make sure there are no distractions as this will be an intimate moment for you two. Very intimate even if you’re just looking at each other through a screen.You can easily tweak these date ideas to how you and your lady would like. So, don’t be afraid to venture into different things with your date. Don’t forget to have fun!

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