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Posted by on January 22nd, 2019 in Online Dating
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In the online dating scene, you don’t have all the time in the world to make a good impression and catch someone’s attention. So how do you win matches on online dating sites? The key is choosing the best profile photo. Your profile photo plays a significant role in helping you achieve online dating success. This is why it is important to carefully select a photo that will make your online dating profile shine above the competition. Read on and learn the helpful tricks that will make sure you have the best profile picture.

Be sure it tells your story

Your online dating photo is one way to give people a glimpse of who you are. Therefore, it should tell a bit of a story about the kind of person you are, your personality, the kind of life you lead, and so on. This will help attract people who share the same interests and lifestyle as you. So how can it be shown in a profile photo?

First, try to think about your passions and interests. How do you usually spend your leisure time? Are you someone who loves music, traveling or coffee perhaps? Incorporate these interests when taking your profile photos. Maybe use a photo of your most recent trip featuring a nice, scenic background. Or, have a photo taken of yourself cozying up while drinking a cup of joe at your favorite coffee shop. By creating photos showing your interests, attracting potential matches is a lot easier.

Show a natural, friendly smile

A sweet and genuine smile can go a long way. It instantly gives people the impression that you’re someone who is warm and friendly, which attracts people even more. It makes them feel that you are approachable and it should increase your likelihood of getting messages.

Go for the individual photos

Some people love using photos of them with their friends and family. While there is nothing wrong about it, it might not work for online dating sites if you’re still searching for a potential match. When it comes to your primary or lead profile photo, be sure to avoid group shots as much as possible. Stick to photos of just yourself to increase your chances of getting responses.

Include bold colors

Bold colors are striking and having them included in your profile photo can make it more eye-catching. Instead of going for the safe neutrals, try embracing colors by using colorful outfits or choosing colorful backgrounds.

Use high-quality images

Uploading photos with poor resolution is a huge no-no! People these days are highly visual. They won’t appreciate badly-lit or blurry images. Be sure to use high-quality ones. High-quality photos can help attract dates and potential matches. Always use clear and sharp photos for your profile.

Ditch the hats and shades

Some people don’t realize it but wearing hats and sunglasses reduces their chances of getting messages. Don’t hide parts of your face. Instead, flaunt all your facial features. It will make you appear more attractive and confident.

Use more than 4 photos

Uploading more photos in your online dating profile can help you get more messages. Use at least 4 photos so that potential matches will have more to look at. This will give people more information about who you are as a person and what your interests are. It will also make initiating a conversation a lot easier for them.

Use vacation photos

Using vacation photos is also an excellent way to increase your chances of getting messages. For one, people find this type of photos more interesting. They are also great conversation starters, especially for those who share the same penchant for traveling.

One of the key factors in achieving online dating success is a well-crafted profile. Because your photo makes up a huge chunk of your dating profile, be sure to follow these tips to make and select photos that will work for you.

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  • Alexandre

    I’ve never thought that profile photos are so important. This information is very helpful.

    • Keith

      Alexandre, profile photos are very important – they convey the first impression – and often it is difficult to change a first impression.
      We offer free dating coaching to our members, please contact the team at any time if we can help you


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