How to Deal with Online Dating Rejection

Posted by on December 23rd, 2018 in Online Dating
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If there is anything anyone dreads to experience in the online dating scene, it is rejection. Why do people really fear rejection? What makes it so devastating? While rejection can happen at any stage of the dating process, it’s one of the things that challenge the way we view ourselves. It can shake your core, rock your identity and make you question your self-worth. It is true that rejection can affect a person in many ways. But there are several things you can do to cope with rejection. Here are some of them.

Take it slow

Whether you have not received a response to your message, or you haven’t secured a second date, getting rejected is definitely not a good thing to experience. When this happens, the first thing to do is to take things slow. Do not immediately jump to finding other profiles and new people to talk to. Instead, try to think about why you haven’t had the chance for a second date or you failed to get a reply. Accept the fact that the other person might not be the perfect match.

Don’t take it personally

In online dating, there’s a good chance for someone to get rejected even before someone gets to know them better. So don’t take it personally. More often than not, people reject others because it is a reflection of their inner experience. Don’t think that it’s you and that there is something wrong with you. Do not let it influence your self-image and dictate your self-worth.

Stay positive

Coping with rejection becomes a lot easier by staying optimistic. This means choosing to move on instead of feeling sorry for yourself. It also means choosing to see the brighter side of things instead of focusing on the negative. When you manage to stay positive despite the rejection, you’ll find it easy to keep things in perspective. It won’t stop you from trying to find the person who’s meant to be with you all along.

Let it go

If someone isn’t really interested to get to know you more, let them go. If they have rejected you, let it go. Dwelling too much on the rejection is only a waste of time and energy. Even if you think they are making a mistake for doing so, don’t ever think about begging them to give your relationship a shot. You deserve so much better than that. You deserve to be with someone who chooses to be with you not because you ask them to, but simply because they want to.

Build resilience

Getting rejected should not be a reason to sulk in misery, wondering what went wrong and why you had to be rejected. Instead, you should use this as a motivation to love yourself even more. This is the best time to accept and appreciate yourself. Learn how to embrace all your strengths and even your flaws. As soon as you feel completely comfortable in your own skin, you will realize that the rejection is only a part of the dating process. And that the person who is meant for you won’t pass you by, but will find their way to you when the right time comes.

Don’t give up

Rejection is not and should never be a reason to give up on love. As difficult as it may seem, it’s important to keep going in your quest for true love. Allowing rejection to discourage you from finding the love of your life will hurt no one but yourself. So don’t let it defeat you. Don’t let it keep you from finding your lifetime happiness. Instead, just keep going and keep trying. You will eventually find your right match in time.

Rejection is probably one of the most unfortunate things anyone can experience in the dating process. It brings up a number of personal issues leading you to question if you are good enough. However, rejection isn’t something that should bring you down. Use these tips to help you deal with it better and enjoy all the good things online dating has in store for you.

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