Online Dating: A Man vs Woman’s Perspective

Posted by on December 7th, 2016 in Dating advice
A Man vs Womans Perspective

Guys Reveal The Honest Reasons They’re Actually Afraid Of Online Dating

You might’ve read some posts about why men go through online dating. Maybe you’ve even read through online dating from a woman’s perspective. However, we’ll show you each of these things side by side. Maybe this can create an eye-opening experience for both men and women.

Numerous times, men have thought that women are difficult “creatures” to deal with. However, women think the same thing about men. So, to give everyone an even playing field, we’ve scoured through a lot of things to show the differences between men and women and their feelings about online dating. Although these were picked at random, it doesn’t necessarily depict every single person that has gone through online dating.


More or less, men and women feel the same about online dating. They probably match each other on the level of frustration that they encounter once they start trying out online dating. However, there are no specific statistics to add in here, so we’ll never really know the truth. Many men think that it’s way easier for women to get a match or get a response. While this is not far from the truth, some women also struggle to find matches and responses similar to men. Although men do have it a lot harder than women, don’t worry. Both sexes get frustrated with online dating.

This frustration usually stems from the quality of matches both men and women get from online dating. For example, some decent men get frustrated that their profiles only get a certain number of views while guys with their shirtless profiles are out and about. This doesn’t mean to build a profile that’s shirtless to get more views on your profile. Keep it as tidy as you can.

In all honesty, since the quality of dating sites have begun to diminish as more and more people join different sites, many sites have gotten stricter as well. If you’ve been on Dating International since its early beginnings, you’d probably experience the changes that have happened over the years. These changes are there to ensure the safety of each and every member.


This is probably where both men and women differ in terms of everything. Most women on online dating sites have said that the messages they get are, in one word, “creepy.” This doesn’t seem to be a surprise as some men tend to handle things in a different way compared to other men. There are men that send in a “Hi baby” message while there are some men who send in just a simple “Hi.” While these are most of the messages women receive, some women have said that they personally prefer something along the lines of “Hey, I saw that we have similar interests. Would you like to talk?”

The messages men send don’t necessarily have to be that exact line, but somewhere around it. However, it is sad to say that some women have decided to give up online dating due to the creepy guys. But, don’t worry. There are several women who try online dating everyday.

On the other hand, men complain about not getting any messages or responses on their online dating profile. However, on the off chance that they do get a response, nothing is sparked between the two. Most often, the conversation itself dies. This may seem like a sad fate for men in the online dating world. However, this actually constitutes a good thing. Other men who’ve faired this way say that at least they know they tried to talk to these women and that the women talked to them. Since there’s no spark, it means that not all is lost.


Well, commitment is one thing people worry about in a relationship, right? And if there are women reading this, yes, men do worry about a woman’s commitment, too. Although women do complain about meeting men who’re afraid of commitment, there are several, and they come by the thousands, men that want to be in a fully committed relationship. But sometimes, these women have gotten a whiff of men who’ve lied or flaked out after a couple of conversations.

In reality, women have to understand that single men are usually afraid of getting bored after the getting-to-know-each-other stage. Plus, they’re afraid that if a marriage does bloom, there’s a possibility that a divorce could happen. This can be very painful for men to think about as they may be on the losing end.

According to studies, men are highly likely to prefer marriage after experiencing a lifelong singlehood. In this essence, the men are usually very interested in creating a family with a woman they meet. So, women who are looking for a long-term relationship could look for men who’ve been single for a long time. Women have changed throughout the years as they’ve been given more freedom than their male counterparts since the 1920s.

Although women have done their fair share in the online dating game, they’ve also had their share of commitment issues. More often than not, women blame men for it all the time. Heads up to the men, some women think that love is just a click away. (This is the same for some men who sign up for online dating sites too though.) According to a psychological study, more and more men and women have difficulties to commit to another person due to the changes in the modern world. They’re usually reluctant or unmotivated to commit since there are so many alternatives such as flings, careers, as well as social support from elsewhere.

On the side note, these are things that men have to cope with as women have started to become focused on other things. This gives men higher chances of divorce rates and possible child support which mean higher costs in the long run with only a few benefits.

Now that you’ve seen both sides of the coin, let us know if we’ve missed anything. If there are some topics you’d like us to cover, write something in the comments section below!

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