6 Signs that a man is not committing into a Serious Relationship

Posted by on June 5th, 2017 in Dating advice, Relationships
Serious Relationship

One of the most common questions that girls ask themselves when dating a guy is whether he is serious about her or not. There are just so many possibilities and uncertainties regarding commitment when a man and a woman are still on the dating scene.

It is understandable for women to wonder where she stands in the life of a guy she is dating because no one would want to put her feelings on the line especially when she is not sure if they are on the same page and if the guy is looking at the same direction as she is.

If you are currently dating now and you would like to know if the guy is serious about you or not, here are the warning signs you should watch out for.

1. He just ended a relationship with someone else

If the guy has just broken up with his ex, chances are he is not yet over her, so it is better for you not to expect that he will take you seriously right away. There is a good chance that he is just trying to look for a diversion and you have become his current diversion. You do not want to put yourself in a situation where you are going to be a guy’s rebound.

2. You do not know him very well

You might be dating this guy and spend a lot of time with him but it does not mean that you know the real them, and the most important things about them. You do not know the details of their life and he does not share them with you. If a guy is into you and if he wants to take you seriously, he will not have second thoughts when it comes to sharing his dreams, fears, and motivation because it means that he is already beginning to invest in you.

3. He does not take you on real dates

If his definition of dates is just staying home cooking and binge watching, then it could be a sign that he is not taking you seriously. Maybe he just enjoys your company while you are around, because a guy who wants to pursue you will go out of his way to make you feel special. He will take you out on a date, do something romantic and somehow try to impress you.

4. He does not introduce you to his family

If a guy you are dating lets you meet his friends, it is not a guarantee that he wants a serious relationship with you. It may be a big deal for some men but it does not really hold true for everyone. There are many possible reasons for why he wants you to meet his friends, like he just wants to show off because you are gorgeous and he is proud to have you tag along. However, once he introduces you to his family, it could mean something else. It means that he is allowing you to get into his world, and the approval of his family will be important to him because you matter to him.

5. He does not show his affection for you when in public

While you do not really have to go on PDA when together, a little sweetness will not hurt if and only if he is really into you. If he is ashamed to show even a little care when you are out with his friends but he is affectionate when it is just the two of you in private, then something must be wrong.

6. He does not care about the important events in your life

A guy who wants to be part of your life will find the things that matter to you also important to them. He won’t forget the special occasions and will exert an effort to make you feel extra special on these days, especially your birthday. If he fails to remember, that means that he does not see himself having a future with you in a committed relationship. A guy who cares will take note of all of your special events.

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