7 Qualities that Men are looking for in Women

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7 Qualities that Men are looking for in Women

If women are looking for the right man, men also want the same – they also want to be able to find the right woman for them, someone whom they can share everything with, and someone they can spend the rest of their life with.

If you are a girl and you are single, you most probably are waiting for the right guy to come along, but just like you, there is also a guy out there who is also waiting for you.

How can you be someone’s ideal girl? What are the things that guys really want in a girl?

While there is really no such thing as a perfect girl or a perfect wife, most men still want to be able to find certain qualities in a woman to finally be able to tell themselves that she is the one. As to what these qualities are, read on below.

1. She has a good character

Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who has a good character. Beauty is not just about your physical appearance but it is more of who you are as a person. People, especially women, have been so much time and energy into trying to look beautiful but that is not all that matter. Being good-looking physically can be attractive but you will be better appreciated if you have a kind heart and a good character. You also do not have to pretend to be someone you are not. Just be yourself. Many guys even like girls who do not put on a lot of makeup. While they appreciate and admire girls who dress up nicely, they also find girls who simply have the confidence even more attractive.

2. She is family oriented

A person who is not close to her family does not make her a bad person. However, guys appreciate a woman better if a woman values her family. It is a good sign that she is also going to make a good wife in the future.

3. She is affectionate

In any relationship, it is important for the couple to be affectionate with each other. It is important that they show and make each other feel that they care and love each other. Women are not the only ones who are looking for these qualities because men also need the same. They also need to feel loved.

4. She is intelligent

One of the most attractive qualities of a woman is being intelligent or smart. Guys love it when the girls they are dating are intellectually challenging. This means that while looks are important and one of the few things that draw a guy’s attention, a woman’s intelligence is what’s going to keep him interested. In the long run, your intellect and ability to hold real conversations will overpower looks and beauty.

5. She values respect

Respect here is not only limited to how much a woman respects other people, but show she respects herself. Most men are not into girls who allow themselves to be disrespected. They want girls who do not play games, the ones who take relationships seriously. Also, men know that women who respect themselves are also capable of giving the same respect to others, especially to their partners. Men also do not prefer women who are always out and getting drunk with her friends on the weekend. While they do not necessarily need girls who do not have a social life, they would rather be with girls whose life are kept low-key because it makes them more mysterious and interesting.

6. She is ambitious

Guys like girls who are not only supportive of his dreams and ambitions in life but also has her own set of goals. They want women who has a vision of how she wants her future to look like, and fearlessly do whatever it takes to realize her dreams. She looks at her husband as a partner in making their dreams come true, and does not completely depend her life on him.

7. She knows how to exert effort for you

Guys are not the only ones who should exert an effort to make the relationship work, women are expected to do the same. By doing this, women can let their partner feel that they want to keep them around.

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