Why You Should Choose Love over Fear

Posted by on December 22nd, 2017 in Dating advice, Relationships
Choose Love over Fear

To love someone means taking a risk. That’s because there is no guarantee that you won’t suffer pain. There is no assurance that your love will be reciprocated. This is basically why many people fear falling in love – because they don’t want to get hurt and they don’t want to experience heartbreaks. What they don’t know is that fear is the absence of love. If you truly love someone, you will forget about the things that scare you. You won’t mind if you will have to sacrifice or if you have to experience pain. That’s because true love is unconditional. Whether you succeed or fail in the game of love, what matters is you took the risk. Because each person is given the chance to choose between love or fear;

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose love over fear.

1. True love motivates you

When you truly love someone, it is easy to muster all the courage to do anything and everything for the person you love. You can do things you never imagined doing before, and the ones you thought you could never do. It is love that will keep you motivated to keep on fighting and to go no matter what happens. Your love will keep you strong as you overcome the challenges and hardships that life throw at you.

2. Love will teach you sacrifice

Real love requires sacrifice, and when you sacrifice, your love will grow even more. The kind of relationship you have with your partner is a result of the sacrifices you have made for them. If you want to achieve something greater, you need to give up something as well. And this is what true love teaches us to do.

3. Love boosts your spirit

Choosing love over fear generates a higher energy inside you. When you share your love with someone, it is easy to feel the positive energy coming towards you. You will feel your spirits lift and you feel that warm and fuzzy feeling inside that you can’t even explain. It is also love that helps you connect with others.

4. Love is your motivation to be your best self

If you just allow fear to take over you and overpower you, you are going to be the one in the losing end. Fear will cripple you; it will paralyze you until you’re no longer able to do the things you need to do for yourself and for the person you love. Fear will deprive you of the best things you deserve. But when you choose love, you also choose to push beyond your limits even if circumstances are testing every single bit of your patience, your strength and your values. Love is what’s helping you to become the best version of yourself.

5. Love will lead you to your ultimate happiness

You will never be truly happy if you allow fear to control your heart. When you choose to say yes to love, you are also choosing to say yes to real and lasting happiness. That’s because living in love and not fear is liberating. It allows you to enjoy your life and relationship with an open mind and a trusting heart. You don’t waste your time worrying about the things that have not even happened yet.

6. Love teaches you to be more optimistic

Life is not perfect and it will never be perfect. It will always be full of ups and downs, positive and adverse circumstances. But choosing love will make you more optimistic, and not like when you choose fear. Allowing fear to get inside your heart means that it will only make you dwell on the negative events and experiences. If you choose to love, it will be a lot easier to see things in a different light. Focusing on love will make you realize that you can make anything happen and that you can overcome everything that gets in your way. Love will not allow anything to hamper your way towards anything you want to achieve in your personal life as well as your relationship. You shouldn’t allow fear to have any place on your path.

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