International dating advice: How to be resilient after a breakup

Posted by on July 6th, 2021 in International Dating
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In various circumstances and for countless reasons, I never see the end of things as a negative. Actually, I see endings as the final conclusion of one thing making enough room for something new. Many men went through breakups and decided to try international dating because women from Eastern Europe don’t play mind games with men. Unlike western women who tend to play games, Eastern European women are very honest individuals.

After a breakup, you have more time for yourself.

Now you should begin to appreciate the room you have in your life as a single guy. Now you have more room for exploration, freedom as well as the total customizing of your life to your taste. While the world tells you that you must end your single status at any cost, I would argue that you’d better appreciate the freedom and the space you have right now. Don’t ignore what you have got already; life isn’t just about finding the one.

When I was about 25 years old, a mentor told me that any relationship is better than being single. I thought she was right. My friends said that mentor must be right. But now I know how ridiculous that idea was! Truthfully, only romantic relationships that make you feel respected, good and valued & loved the way you would like to be loved are better than your single status. As I see it, if you have an amazing lifestyle as a single guy, you will realize that only the right romantic relationship can make you give up your single status. Do not prioritize finding someone over your self-worth and your own feelings. Remember to say no to everything that does not serve you. Then always fill that space with activities and things that truly bring you happiness, satisfaction and joy. Interestingly, things that bring you happiness, satisfaction and joy also bring you love because when you are happy and satisfied, you have the calm confidence which attracts the right woman.

Do these before you start international dating:

After fully appreciating the freedom that you have as a single man, it’s time to think about international dating. But before you get started, please be sure to do the following:

1. What do you always want to do but haven’t got the time to do? Do that first.

Take myself as an example: I bought an online program about neuroscience in 2015, but I still haven’t completed the program yet. It is supposed to be a one-year program; however, it’s been six years and I still have a few modules left.

Maybe you bought a few books last year and haven’t got the time to read them. Now it’s a good time to read those books! Maybe you will find some inspiration that will help you attract love. 😉

2. Go to a restaurant for dinner alone.

Some people never go to a restaurant alone for dinner because they feel intimidated, especially if it’s a high-end restaurant that they have never been to. Also, they are worried that other people will judge them if they sit in a restaurant alone.

Surprisingly, researchers showed participants many photos of single people eating in a restaurant alone as well as photos of married couples eating in a restaurant & asked for participants’ opinions/comments on those photos. Interestingly, many participants had these comments:

  1. “This woman must be a tourist.”
  2. “This guy is probably on a business trip.”
  3. “That couple possibly need a date night after working extremely hard for an entire year.”
  4. “Maybe this couple had a fight at home and now they go out for dinner in order to feel better.”

It seems that nobody was judging single people who have dinner alone. What’s more, couples didn’t receive better comments anyway. So, why not go to a restaurant for dinner alone before you start a relationship? 😉

3. Go to see a movie alone.

Buy a movie ticket and go to the movie theater alone. Sit wherever you want and eat whatever you like – ice cream or popcorn? This is totally up to you. Laugh when you feel like it and cry when you want to.

Remember: As long as you know how to enjoy life when you are single, you will be able to attract a high-quality relationship if you join an international dating site, because you have the calm confidence and project sparkling happiness.

“International dating is for men who are ready for love. In order to be ready for love, you have to get over any breakup that happened in the past & build an interesting lifestyle that an Eastern European lady wants to be a part of.”

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