How Slavic women find real love

Posted by on May 19th, 2022 in International Dating
Slavic women

This blog post is for Slavic women and their admirers to understand the process of looking for true love. Apart from online dating, there are many ways to find love in life.

  • Arrive early at parties and events.

Most people would arrive a bit late when they go to a party or an event. If the party starts at 8pm, the majority of people will arrive at 8:20pm or even later. But you should totally arrive at 8pm. Here is why:

Because the host of the party has to be there before 8pm, when you arrive at 8pm, the host has to talk to you first.

Hence, you’ll become the host’s friend at the party, even if you don’t know anyone there. That also means when people are arriving later on, the host will have to introduce you to each guest because you are already chatting with the host.

This is a great way to meet everyone at the party, including attractive men that you like!

Now the host introduces you to John, a very attractive gentleman. When you shake hands with John, your hand slightly touches his pulse so he can feel the temperature of your body. When your hand leaves his hand, your hand lingers for 0.5 second. I’m sure John will keep thinking about you all night.

If John likes you, he will find a way to initiate a conversation with you during the party. You know what to do – you’ll invite him to your Happy Hour! 😊

  • Crash a party.

I understand that not every woman receives lots of invitations, so I’m happy to share my top secret: You can crash a party!

Do some research online and find out where the most upscale parties are held this weekend. Maybe there is a cocktail party in the ballroom of a five-star hotel near your place on Friday night. Even though you’re not invited, you can crash this party. Let me show you how!

First, you have to dress well so you’ll feel like a million dollars. As a result, when you enter the venue, you wouldn’t look weird – people will probably assume that you’re a VIP guest.

This technique works well because very few people would think of this strategy and even fewer people would have the courage to actually do it. But trust me – it can be done. I’ve seen courageous, confident and naughty women do this before. 😉

Yes, I said you have to dress well. More specifically, you need to wear a conversation starter, i.e., something that other people will comment on. This can be a statement necklace, an artistic scarf or a creative dress. You look so memorable that people can’t ignore you. That’s exactly why and when others will initiate conversations with you.

If nobody initiates a conversation with you, don’t worry. I have another tactic for you to try: You get yourself a glass of wine and approach a group of people – listen to what they’re talking about and then naturally, you join their conversation.

Let’s say in this group, there is a guy that you feel attracted to. Now I’d like you to talk to the person who is standing next to him later on. You’ll approach this person in a friendly way and ask them questions such as “What do you do?” Then you’ll casually ask them questions about the guy that you like, e.g., his profession. So, the conversation between you and this gateway person may look like this:

YOU: “Nice to meet you. What are you drinking? That looks so good.”

THE GATEWAY PERSON: “Oh, it’s Cosmopolitan, my favorite cocktail.”

YOU: “Great. I should try that as well. What do you do?”

THE GATEWAY PERSON: “I’m a professor at XYZ University. I teach Business Management.”

YOU: “That’s nice. Do you come here with your friend?” (You look at the attractive guy who is standing not too far away from you two.)

THE GATEWAY PERSON: “Yes, we’ve known each other for many years.”

YOU: “What does he do?”

THE GATEWAY PERSON: “He is the CEO of ….”

If this gateway person tells you that the attractive guy is the CEO of an activewear company, then later on when you join the group conversation again, you’ll be a delightful conversationalist and then you’ll find a way to say something along the lines of, “I used to buy activewear in shopping malls, but these days I prefer buying activewear on the Internet because online shopping is so convenient….”

I’m pretty sure that the attractive guy will want to talk to you more about activewear! That means gradually, it will probably become a conversation between you and this attractive guy. Of course, if you are a man looking for love, the techniques in this blog post can also help you meet the Slavic woman that you like!

“Slavic women and their admirers should totally read this blog post and find out how to meet each other in life!”

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