Keep Your Filter On: Four White Lies That Are Okay For Online Dating

Posted by on March 29th, 2017 in Dating advice
White Lies That Are Okay For Online Dating

As a guy that has an online dating profile, there are so many things you can and can’t say. Believe me, it sucks, but if you want to attract women whether Slavic or not, we’re going to have to play by their rules. You’ve got to remember that your online dating profile is much like your social media profile. If you’ve got Facebook, then you probably know what you’re going to put in there. Similar to Facebook, we guys have to realize that these women will find out who we really are in one way or another. So, why cover yourself up in lies that you’ll forget what your persona is really like? Anyway, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty part of creating your online dating profile so you’ll get more responses like I did.

Honestly, I don’t think there are enough guidelines on how to really attract women to your profile. It’s a difficult thing to do since Slavic women are beautiful for many, so the stronger the competition is, the lesser you’ll get noticed. But really, wouldn’t you rather be real than some electronic profile? Your answer to that should be, “HELL YEAH!” Because if it isn’t, then the love you’re looking for may be as fake as your profile. Nonetheless, there are some things you can lie about on your online dating profile. These lies are perfectly okay. That is, as long as they’re almost true!

So, imagine you’re a simple guy who does ordinary work, and you’re at least 32 years old looking for someone to marry. The dating life isn’t so good in your country so you’ve decided to venture out into online dating. Yes, this is exactly what happened to me. It’s really difficult to get a real-life date, but then it’s just about time to settle down. Maybe start a family or something. The party scene is getting old, and it’s time to transition to a new stage in life. Whatever your reason may be, may it bring you as much happiness as it brought me. Even if lying a bit may seem disconcerting to some, few white lies aren’t necessarily something bad. And, in all honesty, it may bring you in some better dates.

#1 Self-sabotage

First off, though, you have to realize that self-sabotage is a thing. Don’t self-sabotage by revealing too much about yourself. So, when you’re putting in your job title, you don’t have to say exactly what you do. Remember that you’re looking for a date and that you aren’t trying to get an interview with these women. You could give them a rundown of what it takes to do your job and even what you love about the industry. For instance, I’m a lawyer. I won’t say that I’m a marriage lawyer because it spells money for some people. I could simply just say that I talk to people about their marital problems or advise them ways to deal with their marriage and divorce, and I love helping them out. Make it seem like you’re basically a conversationalist.

#2 Protection

You don’t need a condom for this one. What you really need is to not give off too much so that you won’t be stalked online. The funny thing about using online dating is that people can easily fish information off of you. So, not revealing your real last name may actually be a good thing. Do you know how many people can be Googled nowadays? Well, a lot. Imagine I can even find my ex-girlfriend’s Facebook profile just by doing a whole search of her name in Google. That’s crazy! Hence, don’t put your full name or at least full real name in your profile. There isn’t really a point anyway unless you two would want to talk to each other or see each other again in the future.

#3 Plan

Okay, this doesn’t necessarily entail lying but more on withholding information. You can’t be the type of person to do this now and save the sorries for later. If this is the way you run things, you’re going to get a difficult time settling down with someone in a marriage. You need to have a plan, but don’t advertise your plans. So, if you want to find the Slavic woman of your dreams to have children with, don’t tell her right off the bat that you’ve already got the wedding plans down to a tee.

When my wife and I met, she knew that I was about to finish my law degree. She asked me what my plans were, and you know what I said? I told her, “Well, now there’s a reason for me to go visit Russia.” At that time in our relationship, it was perfect. Since we haven’t seen each other yet, I gave her the biggest surprise of both our lives. It wasn’t exactly committing that I was going to marry her or anything. It let me commit to only finally seeing each other for the first time in a year that we’ve been chatting and video calling. I’m pretty sure she felt the sparks like I did, though.

So, there you have it. Don’t tell them your plans for the future right away. Keep it to yourself or your best friend, but don’t let it get to someone you’re dating.

#4 Pet Peeves

Ah-ha! This is definitely something you should keep in your pockets until you get to know a person who will wholeheartedly accept them. I’m kidding. Actually, if you’re picky or don’t like something, don’t ever mention it on the first date or the first time you talk. Apparently, this makes you come off as a “sissy” or someone who may complain too much in the future.

So here’s an example: You may be allergic to shellfish or some sort of seafood just like me. Well, that’s one thing you worry about because it’s a life and death situation once allergies kick in. But, if you’re just being really picky about seafood because you don’t like the Japanese cuisine, that’s something you have to hide. Your date has to know that you’re up for anything so that you two can bond especially during your first date.

When you’re dating online, like through video chat, she might be eating something you don’t like. Don’t immediately tell her that what she’s eating is disgusting. It’ll turn her off and may even offend her.

So, be wary of what you say and how your preferences come off to be something bad. Basically, bring in a sense of positivity and open-mindedness into an upcoming relationship.

Although these “lies” may seem difficult or easy to do, there’s always a slip-up that happens. If it does happen, move on from it. There are literally hundreds and thousands of beautiful Slavic women out there that are dying to meet you. Plus, I’m pretty sure you’re dying to meet them too! So, keep these four things in mind, especially #1!

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