8 Ways to Tell You Are Exclusive Without Asking

Posted by on October 27th, 2017 in Dating advice, Relationships
Exclusive Dating

In dating, your relationship will go through different stages before you can get to the point when you can consider it as a real relationship. However, most of the time, neither of the couples will dare asking if they are exclusively dating because it might be awkward and it might make the situation uncomfortable. The thing is that sometimes, it can be difficult because you would not know what to expect and you don’t want to keep your hopes high because you might be disappointed. At the same time, you would also want to know your rightful place in the life of this person especially when you know that things are getting serious.

So how do you know if you are exclusive without having to ask? Here are some signs that will help you.

1. You treat each other as if you are already an official couple

You could say that you are already exclusive if you already treat each other the way normal couples do. The way you show affection and care for each other is shown by people who are actually more than friends. You have no desire to entertain other people in your lives anymore and almost ready for a commitment.

2. You have a healthy relationship

If you are both happy with your togetherness and seem secure about each other’s presence in your lives, then it means that you are ready to take your relationship to the next level. All that you need is just label to make it official, but nevertheless, you could tell that if things are going great. However, make sure that you are not blinded by your emotions for the other person and make sure that the feeling is mutual.

3. You do not have online dating apps and accounts anymore

Another sign that you both are just exclusive to each other if you have deleted your online dating apps and accounts. It’s because you know that you don’t need anybody else except this person who is with you right now.

4. You have conversations about your future together

Even if you have not labelled your relationship just yet, you would know you are exclusive if you are discussing about your future plans and both of you are part of those plans. For example, you are talking about your plans for the Christmas vacation or probably a travel destination on the next summer.

5. You have been introduced to each other’s family

This one is good evidence that you are exclusively dating because this is pretty much the indicator of how serious a relationship is already. When you are introduced to his or her family and vice versa, it means that they are not seeing anybody else but you and that they are sincere about you because they already welcomed you to their family.

6. Most of your weekends are spent together

Gone are the days when you will have separate plans for the weekend with separate friends. This time, when you know that the weekend is approaching, it’s like you already understand that you will be together whether alone or with friends. But, you will never let your rest days pass without spending time.

7. You make it a point to see each other as often as possible

When you are still casually dating, it is okay if you don’t see each other often, or probably just catch up when both of you are free. However, you are exclusive if both of you are making conscious effort to see each other as often as possible no matter how busy your schedules. But if you can’t make it, you make sure that you can talk on the phone and have a good conversation before you end your day.

8. You have conversations about marriage and family

If you are not comfortable with a person and you don’t see them in your future, you probably will never open up the topic about the marriage. However, if the two of you have mutual feelings for each other, then you talk about your future like family, children and marriage. It’s because if you have no plans of taking the relationship seriously then these topics will not be discussed.

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