Dating Advice from Men for Women

Posted by on September 4th, 2017 in Dating advice, Relationships
Dating Advice

When it comes to dating, it can be pretty hard to figure out what has been going on in a guy’s mind. While men find a lot of things mysterious about a woman, the same is actually true for women. Girls also find it difficult to understand a guy’s way of thinking, his moods and behavior.

If you pay too much attention, you will seem so needy and clingy. But if you’re not paying enough attention and play hard to get, they will think that you are not interested.

So how are you really supposed to act around a man when you are still on the dating stage? How are you going to make sure that things are not going to get awkward when you are dating the man of your dreams?

Here are some helpful dating advice from men that women should heed to get you moving to the right direction.

1. Avoid pouring everything in

This means that you should not overindulge. You are still dating, and if you are just out on your first date, the only key to keep him interested is by making sure that you leave some things for yourself. It is okay to share some stuff with him, after all, you are trying to get to know each other. But that’s it. You are still getting to know each other, and it might not be worth it if you are giving it your all while you only on your first date.

2. Don’t expect so much about men trying to impress you

Impressing women is a little bit a thing of the past now. While it is still natural for men to do certain things to attract a woman they like, they will also sometimes do the unexpected to see how you will react. For example, instead of bringing you to a fancy restaurant on a first date, they will instead bring you in pizza or burger house because they want to see how much you’ll enjoy the food and his company. If you don’t get offended and show that you know how you can find something nice about everything, you’re a catch!

3. Hold off adding him on social media

Your goal is to keep him interested and that could be a lot harder if you can’t wait to be friends with him on Facebook or Twitter. There won’t be any mystery anymore if he sees your status updates, rants, old photos you have been tagged on the social media. It would be best if you hold off sending that friend request until you already know each other very well.

4. Don’t call every single hour, and every single day

This is one of the most important things you should never forget. Girls are really fond of talking on the phone even if they do not have much to say, even to their girlfriends. But avoid doing this to the guy you are dating, or you are just going to push him away. Just let them text you first and call you first because if you are the one who will always have to do it, you will look as if you are desperate and too needy and it’s a no-no for most guys.

5. Be confident

Nothing is sexier than confidence. If you are going out on a first date, there is no better way to impress him than by being confident with yourself. Guys find it a turn on when girls are comfortable with how they look, and who they are as a whole. It is an instant charmer when you show him that you know how to carry yourself.

6. Do not make your world revolve around him

One of the things that will also push your guy away is when he begins to feel that your world just revolves around him. Your life has to be the same with or without him, especially when you are still dating. You don’t have to adjust or cancel plans with your friends and family just because he is asking you out. You can still stick with the same routine, hang out and have fun even when you are dating. This way, you can show them that your life and your happiness do not depend on them because you can be happy on your own.

7. Don’t be in a rush for a commitment

Many guys are afraid of commitment for some reason. So as much as possible, avoid being the one to ask him to commit. You will know when he is ready and if he is really taking you seriously. Besides, if he loves you and he wants to be with you and take you seriously, he won’t be letting you go anymore. It pays to wait.

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