Tips for Single Ladies Who Are Looking for a Relationship

Posted by on May 3rd, 2017 in Dating advice, Relationships
Single Ladies

When it comes to dating, there isn’t really much difference between what men and women are looking for because they both are searching for good qualities from their potential partner whom they are going to spend the rest of their lives with.

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Now, for single women who are looking for a serious relationship, and if you are too, this article will reveal the traits that you should and might be looking for in the guy you will be dating.

1. Physical appearance

It goes without saying that women also need to be physically attractive to the men they are dating. Why? That’s because they need to feel comfortable around the person they are with especially when they spend a lot of time together.

2. Sense of humor

Sense of humor is a huge plus factor for guys who want to give a good impression about themselves. The sense of humor is not just about the ability to crack jokes and make a woman laugh. Having a partner with a sense of humor can make a significant difference in the relationship because it will make things lighter and can help the relationship last for a longer term. A lot of single women easily fall in love with men who possess this quality.

Women can tell that it is the right guy if he can make her smile, make her feel comfortable, and make her happy especially whenever she feels sad and down. Having fun in the relationship is a must to make it last longer.

3. Sensitivity

A woman should not settle for a guy who is passive and dormant. No, she does not deserve that. Each and every relationship requires an open communication because it is the foundation of a strong relationship. This is why both man and woman should be able to empathize with each other and both have to be good listeners. Men have to understand that as women, they constantly have the need to feel that they are being wooed even after marriage.

4. Success

Women should be looking for men who can be a responsible husband in the future. He has to be someone who has the drive and is hardworking. This is very important because a successful man will not let her woman suffer or starve. Although both men and women today can be successful in their own respective dreams and career, it is still a plus to be able to find a guy who can always take care of his future wife and future family.

5. Intelligence

Another plus factor that women should be looking for in men is intelligence, not because it is going to determine how a person can be successful in this world, but dating a guy who is smart will never get you bored. They do not have to be as smart as the world’s renowned scientists or inventors, but they just have to have that certain kind of wit that will keep you connected especially during conversations, instead of getting you bored.

6. Sincerity

There are just so many guys out there who only want to date girls without taking them seriously. This is one of the pitfalls that you should be careful of. If you are not sure if the guy is serious and sincere about you, it is better to stop as early as possible so you do not end up getting hurt in the end. While it is not easy to measure a person’s sincerity, you will surely know it by the way he treats you, cares for you, and looks after your welfare. If you are looking for a serious relationship, there is no point in dating someone who is not even sincere about their feelings for you.

7. Respect

In a relationship, regardless of its type, respect should always prevail because this is where big misunderstandings come from – the inability to respect each other’s differences, beliefs, opinions, and choices. When dating a guy, women should look for someone who knows how to respect them as a woman as well as the things that are important to them because this will pay off in the end.

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