How to Take Good Online Dating Photos

Posted by on May 24th, 2018 in Online Dating
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One of the factors which determines your success in internet dating is your online dating photo. It is your biggest selling point. However, taking and choosing the best picture is easier said than done.

Are you someone who isn’t fond of taking selfies or you’re camera shy? Taking great photos for your dating profile might be more challenging. If you are serious about finding a match on international dating sites, here are some helpful tips to follow to perfect your online dating photo.

Show your smile

Showing your smile in your online dating photos increase your chances of finding a match. A smile makes a person look more attractive. It also makes you look more approachable and friendly. When people look at your smiling face and don’t find you intimidating, they are more likely to send you a message. So, don’t hide your pearly whites! Flash that beautiful smile when you take a photo for your dating profile.

Don’t take a photo with a friend of the opposite sex

There’s nothing wrong with posting a couple of photos with your friends. However, even if it’s just you and your buddies, a potential match might get it wrong. It might make them wonder if you’re still single. And what most people do is to move on, rather than risk being wrong. As much as possible, post solo pictures of yourself. If you must add some photos with your friends, make sure they are taken as a group.

Don’t hide your face

Because your dating website photos are one of your selling points, it’s important your pictures are clear. Don’t hide your face by wearing a hat or sunglasses that cover your features. A profile photo is one of the first things people look at before they decide to contact someone. So make sure your face is clear and flaunt your greatest facial assets.

Don’t use a lot of filters

Camera filters can sometimes enhance the quality of a photo. However, it may not work 100% of the time, especially in online dating. The more natural the photo is, the better.

Don’t show a lot of skin

Perhaps you’re so proud of your fit and healthy body that you want to flaunt it on your profile. Doing so may captivate someone’s attention. But it will not earn you the respect of the online daters. It is attractive to see a man showing his six-pack abs or a woman in her bikini. But posting half naked photos will attract the wrong attention. It may also send the wrong message. There’s no need to flaunt your great looking body.

Take some fun and adventurous photos

Capture the moments when you’re having fun or when in the middle of an adventure. Pictures which show you’re happy and enjoying life are more likely to catch the attention of a potential match. (Now you have more good reasons to take that vacation or trip with your friends and family!)

Don’t look too serious

Coming off too serious or angry in your photos is the last thing you want to do. It will not contribute to your online dating success, especially when it doesn’t reflect your real personality. The best thing to do is to be genuine and let the real you shine through. People tend to be attracted to happy and positive looking people. Let happiness reflect in your face.

Use a good camera

Taking great photos for your online dating profile doesn’t require the skills of a professional photographer. However, it makes a difference when you use a good quality camera. Whether it is a digital camera or the camera on your mobile phone, the important thing is that it can capture clear photos. One of the things that turns down a potential date is a blurry or pixelated photo. Make to upload a good quality pictures with a clear resolution.

Online dating websites and apps are powerful tools which help people find their life partner. If you want to increase your chances of success, follow these tips on taking attractive online dating photos.

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