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In order to find out what kind of social media Slavic women use, we’re here to enumerate all the popular social media sites. Just like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like, Slavic women also use social media sites to connect with their friends.

Social media has redefined the way people have communicated in the recent decade. In Ukraine, Russia, and other Slavic communities, they use social media the same way as others would. Social media has been used to communicate through chatting, sharing photos, as well as sharing moments. If you don’t know, Slavic women love themselves, so be ready to see selfies galore in their profile. While some do still use Facebook, Slavic countries have their own form of social media. As mentioned, Slavic women love social media and selfies, though it can’t really be said for all, but really most of them do. So, what are the different social media sites that Slavic women use? Let’s check out the list!


Starting with the most popular one, Vk.com was formerly known as VKontakte. This is known as Russia’s Facebook as it operates similarly to the social media site. You can search for someone and see what they’ve posted on their timeline. It has functions like uploading photos, videos, and text. Plus, you can comment on photos, just like Facebook. However, unlike Facebook that’s used by all ages, Vk.com is usually used by 18 to 34-year-olds. Plus, the thing is, this site is in the Slavic language, mainly Russian. So, you may need Google translate to help you out with the translation if you don’t know the Slavic language.

This is a great social media platform to join if the woman you meet through online dating doesn’t have Facebook. Plus, you can add more information about yourself and even download the app for it.


Vk.com is a very popular site for most Slavic people. However, Ok.ru has been around for quite some time, so there are more people who use it. Plus, the site has more women users. It’s pegged that at least 69 percent of its users are women and has over 31.5 million viewers per month. Apparently, the use of Ok is to reconnect people with classmates and friends that users may have lost touch with over the years, so the search parameters are quite detailed. Ok also offers a feature that a certain person has visited your profile even if they’re really your friend or not. It’ll be the same when you check other people’s profiles. They’ll be shown that you looked at their profile. However, if you don’t want that to happen, you can pay a fee to be able to use “Invisible Mode.”

Other social media sites

These are the two most used social media sites in both Ukraine and Russia. However, these aren’t the only ones. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest are used in Slavic countries as well. There are also sites like MoiMir (which is similar to Google+), RuTube, Livejournal, and even Instagram. Most of the “other” social media sites are used as well but they aren’t used as frequent as Vk.com or Ok.ru. According to statistics, Vk sees at least 55 million visitors every day on average while Ok gets 45 million. MoiMir grabs 40 million while Facebook only comes in fourth at 23 million visitors per month. On the other hand, more of the visitors spend more time at Ok. Each visitor averages at least 20 minutes while Vk visitors only spend about 9 minutes on a visit.

So, depending on what you’re more interested in or maybe what your lady has, you could make your own profile in the social media outlet as well. In the long run, you can update it as much as your website and grab friends of both sexes, and show off that you have a little knowledge in the Slavic languages and lifestyle.

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