8 Signs That You Are in the Right Relationship

Posted by on May 24th, 2017 in General information, Relationships
Right Relationship

Relationships are never easy. Challenges arise, and crises come upon couples and shake even the strongest of relationships. And no matter how much you think you are in love, you sometimes cannot help but doubt and wonder if you are still happy about the relationship or if you are still heading in the right direction.

It is sometimes difficult to weigh if the relationship is still right because it can get really tricky at times. However, you should be able to tell if your current relationship is the right one because everything should feel different. There should be clear signs that you are in a right relationship so you don’t end up unnecessarily investing not only time but emotions to a person who’s not right for you.

1. You enjoy doing certain things together

It is great to do the things that each one of you likes to do, but it is even better to identify the things you both like and then do them together. As soon as you figure it out, it will be a lot easier for you to find a common ground, especially when you both have time for bonding.

2. You know how to give yourselves some space to do some things you enjoy without each other

A right relationship means you both understand that there are things you want to do alone. Everybody needs to have their alone time to do their own things. This will help each other to continually grow, together or apart.

3. You have your own set of friends and have common ones, too

Being in a right relationship means that there is just the right balance when it comes to your social circle. You should have your own set of friends, and it should also be the same with your partner. And you both can have some shared or common friends whom you both can hang out with.

4. You help each other improve and grow

You would know that the relationship is the right one for you if you grow because you have each other in your lives. You must make each other better by being an inspiration to one another and not a distraction. Your love should be your source of strength and motivation to get going.

5. You picture a bright future together

If you are dating someone who is not interested in settling down, it could be an indication that you are in a wrong relationship. In a right relationship, a couple is excited and looking forward to sharing a future together. You and your partner have the same vision on how exactly you want your future to look like together.

6. You have an open and honest communication

If your words towards each other are kind and loving, then you are in a right relationship. This does not mean that your relationship should be perfect; however, despite the arguments and the fights, if you manage to keep kind communication, it means that you are in a healthy relationship. While being careful with your words is important, it is also imperative that you are honest with each other. Honesty and openness can still be possible while making sure that you choose the right words to express your thoughts and feelings.

7. You both understand how to make each other feel loved

We all have a different understanding and ways of expressing love, and when you are in a right relationship, you and your partner understand how you both want to feel loved and cared for. You know each other’s needs and how to give the best care possible, and this is only going to be possible if you have an open and honest communication. You cannot expect your partner to read your mind.

8. Your family and close friends approve of your relationship

When we fall in love, we sometimes forget to use our brain and just follow our hearts, and these are the times when we need the wisdom of the people who care for us the most, like our friends and family. The people who care about you will be honest about their consensus of your relationship because they are only looking after your welfare.

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