9 Unwritten Rules about Online Dating

Posted by on September 15th, 2017 in Dating advice, Online Dating
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Just like the usual dating scene, there are also some unspoken rules about online dating that people who are involved should be aware of. There may have so many things about dating that have already changed, but there are also some that still remain. In fact, there rules are still actually applicable even when it comes to online dating.

If you are into online dating, here are some of the unspoken or unwritten rules that you should know about.

1. Too much modesty is discouraged

In the world of online dating, it is important to stay true and real to yourself. However, it does not mean that you have to start your profiles with some negative stuff about you just because you are trying to be real and humble. You don’t have to put yourself down just because you want to prove people that you are not trying to make an impression. You can be simple yet you need to still sound confident and comfortable about yourself.

2. Too much bragging is also not good

While being too humble is not really highly recommended, it is also not good to be overly confident or arrogant. Even if you have a particular set of strengths are proud of, you may indicate them in your profile but it does not mean that you need to brag about them. Confidence is sexy but overdoing it can already become annoying.

3. Be specific and unique about your interests

It is very common to find people writing in the profiles about the things they love like music, travelling, food and a lot more. While you can definitely discuss these things in your profile, don’t you think it will sound more interesting if you talk about the best Italian dish you have ever tasted or a French recipe you tried cooking. Also highlight the best or the farthest place you have travelled to, if you have already been to many places, that is. Talking about specifics in your profile will make people become more interested.

4. Avoid talking about your exes

When you are in the dating stage, or even in an official relationship, it is really a no-no to talk about your exes. Maybe the best time to talk about it is when they ask but you may want to put if off while you are still dating and just wait until the right time comes or when you already know each other better.

5. Post a few photos on your profile

These days, it can be hard to tell whether some accounts are legitimate accounts or not. So in order to avoid people from doubting you, might as well make sure you don’t upload just one photo in your account. Make it at least 3 or 4 so that they can have a few faces to refer to if they want to really get a grasp of how you look like.

6. Avoid posting sexy or revealing snaps

You may have a great, attractive and sexy body but your profile in the online dating site may not just be the perfect place to post it. Yes it looks good and attractive, however, these kind of pictures will only make you look like you are desperate to catch attention. A very simple photo with a smile on your face will actually look even more attractive, friendly and approachable.

7. Be proactive

While it’s okay to wait for a man to make the first move, there are times when you also have to be proactive to approach and message a guy. There is nothing wrong with that. You are just trying to be friends and get to know the person. Also don’t make them wait too long or they will just find someone else to invite for a date.

8. Stop chatting or emailing if he does not invite you for a date

If you have already spent weeks chatting with someone and he has not asked you out yet, chances are he never will. If he is interested with you, he won’t wait too long to see you in person and have a date with you. Don’t waste your time if the guy does not bother to ask you to meet him.

9. Don’t set high expectations on your first date

If you have engaged in online dating for a while, you should already know that it will take a few tries before you finally find someone whom you will really like. You should also not have any expectations on your first date because you are meeting a total stranger and a lot of possibilities can happen. You may or you may not even have a second date so just go with the flow, enjoy the time and just be yourself.

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