Online Dating: The Basics You Need to Learn

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Online Dating Basics

Online Dating Tips

This technological world that we all share has given us a lot of opportunities in many different fields and areas of our lives. Those are from picking pieces of trash from the ground up to picking out people from different parts of the world. These opportunities have rooted out to improved and broadened capabilities for people, especially in our interpersonal relationships.

We are able to connect to more people from almost any place. We are able to find lost family members. We reconnect to the people we used to know. Sometimes, we are able to know people who can make a huge difference in our lives. This could be someone whom we can share our life with. That could be done through social networking sites made possible by the ever-powerful “Internet.”

Social networking sites give way to online dating and eventually prepared a red carpet for the possibility of finally finding “the one.” Just one click or press on your device could finally be the answer to the hopeless romantics everywhere. However, just like any other system created by the technological advancement that we have today, everything comes with a manual. In every possibility, there should always be limits to maintain harmony.
In order to help you set up your game in online dating, here are some tips that could help you in finding your true love online:

Know yourself

In any situation, whether you are getting to know a friend or a co-worker, it is always important that you know yourself first. That is because it will help you set the framework on how you will present yourself to other people. Knowing and loving yourself should always come first before knowing the others. In those ways, you will be able to preserve your beliefs and morals in the journey of finding and knowing the person you will be spending the rest of your life with.

Most importantly, if you perfectly know yourself, you won’t get lost in finding the person of your interest. It will help you save your time in going around circles throughout the vast internet world.

Don’t set too much expectations

Online dating should always be the same as dating personally. The only things that should separate both of you are the binary codes and the distance. Expectations with a little bit of distance are the worst combination when finding your match online. That is because both of you have different personalities and these personalities are yet to be tested. Therefore, one should not set too much expectations towards the others. Nobody’s perfect; what you need to find is someone that is perfect for you.

It is important that you meet different kinds of people online, but what’s more important is you stick to someone who makes you feel that there is no distance or binary codes that separate you two.

Be open with your thoughts and feelings

People you meet on the Internet have different personalities. You too have a unique personality. With the distance that separates you from other people, you should be vocal with what you truly feel and think about yourself and other people. That is one way of letting other people know about you. If you are sad, tell it. If you are offended or annoyed, say it. If you are someone who guards in your pride too much, let the other person know so that it could set limits and could let them know how to cope up with you.

This time, you should also be able to ask the other person to express freely of their thoughts and feelings to you. Reciprocation should always be done in an interpersonal relationship because it makes the other person feel important and mends the rapport.

Give the right information

Giving false profile is a widespread issue especially in some widely used social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter. It is easy to hide behind false profiles or pseudo profiles in order to catch other people’s attention. This should not be practiced if you truly want to find the love of your life. That is because once and for all, it is considered cheating. Come on people! If it’s true love that you want, it should be the truth that you give. Do not fool around and waste other person’s precious time of finding his or her true love. At least give respect to yourself if you can’t give it to others.

Lying about yourself could not make any good to both sides. If ever it persists, it won’t last a lifetime. That is because sooner or later, the other person will know the truth. So better yet, you should tell the truth in the beginning so even death can’t mark an end between the two of you.

Meet the person

Do not settle with what you found online. It is always better that you validate it through personal interaction. If you think you found your perfect match online, make an effort to meet them in person. In that way, that person could prove their love to you, not only in word but also in actions. Even though we live in a technological era still, “Actions speak louder than words.” Nothing compares to a cup of coffee that he or she does every morning just to make you smile.

Being able to know a person digitally and personally could be the maximum potential that technology had given us. Online dating practices should be like any other food recipes: it is important that you put enough of salt and pepper to balance the taste. You should not only stick with what you see and hear online but also with what touch of care could they offer—a perfect combination of the thrill of the digital up to the chills of the traditional.

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