Mistakes to Avoid with Your Online Dating Profile Picture

Posted by on March 16th, 2018 in Online Dating
Online dating profile picture

When browsing through online dating matches, the very first thing people look at is the photos. It is not the description, not their profession, nor their hobbies. This means that if you want to capture the attention of the other members of the dating site, you have to have a good profile picture. If no seems to be interested to start a conversation with you, your profile picture is the first thing you might need to revisit.

Want to make a good impression on a potential match? Here are the mistakes you should avoid when it comes to your online dating profile picture.

Cropping your picture out of group shots

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your online dating profile picture is cropping your photo out of a group shot. Doing this will create a very narrow portrait photo. And it will still look like you cut off the person next to you! Is this something you did and you’re wondering why you get the least amount of communication from others? People are quick to make assumptions on who the people are in the photo and why you had to cut them! Instead, upload a full body image of yourself without anyone else in the photo.

Using a group photo for your main profile picture

It is perfectly okay to show people you love spending time with your friends, and you are sociable. But a group photo isn’t the best way to finding your perfect match. Putting a group photo for your profile picture makes it much harder for people to figure out who you are in the group. Many won’t even bother to waste time. And this decreases your chances of getting messages from a potential match.

You can have that fun and interesting group photo added to your dating profile. But choose a solo picture as your primary one.

Using filtered photos

The filters in your camera app enhance your photo. Even if you look more attractive in a filtered photo, it still doesn’t make a good impression. People may appreciate your beauty but they will also think you are less trustworthy.

The best thing to do? Go with a shot that clearly shows your face. Don’t think about your flaws and imperfections. Everyone is flawed in a certain way. Be confident with how you look. That’s much more attractive.

Choosing a headshot

Even if you look good in real life, choosing a headshot or a mugshot as an online dating profile will make you look horrible. Doing this can significantly decrease your chances of getting a date. Look for a photo where you look amazing. It can be a simple picture where you look happy and fulfilled.

Uploading a bad quality photo

The quality of the photo is also an important consideration when choosing your online dating profile picture. Bad quality photos aren’t a good way to make anyone interested in talking to you. Don’t use an image that was taken in the dark or under a bad lighting where your face can’t be clearly seen.

To make a good profile photo, figure out your best angle first. Then practice your poses. Make good use of your confidence and look for a spot with good lighting. If there isn’t anyone around who can take your photo, flash that smile and do a selfie instead.

Not showcasing your personality

Your photos in your dating profile are a means to give people a sneak peek of your personality and of who you are. This means your picture should depict your personal style, your likes, your passion or hobbies. This is very important, especially when you are trying to attract the attention of a certain type of person. For example, say you want to meet someone who is also outgoing and adventurous, just like you. It’s smart to use a picture taken during one of your recent adventures.

Your profile picture can make a significant impact on your dating profile. To make it easier for you to find someone who will connect with you on the online dating site, make sure to avoid the mistakes mentioned above. Looking for a partner or trying to find a date? Please visit Dating International.


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