Get To Know Each Other Better: Make A Virtual Mix Tape

Posted by on March 10th, 2017 in Dating advice, General information, Relationships
Virtual Mix Tape

Making Mix Tapes For Your Special Someone

Do you remember these? Yes, that is a stack of cassette tapes. Do you remember making mix tapes for your friends? How about for the girl/guy you’re dating?

Music is not just a form of entertainment. One’s tastes in music could actually show others who they are. Music is a very important part of the human experience, that’s why sharing and swapping favorite tracks could enhance a dating relationship.

Those who are actively dating and looking to get married range from their late 20’s to mid-40’s. Most of these were born in the 1970’s to the 1980’s, and these may actually be familiar with the mix tape. However, since the CD and the mp3 file, and now, with music streaming, the mixtape is practically passé. Even though there’s talk of the cassette tape making a comeback, let’s face it, it’s pretty much a hassle to send a mixtape from America to, say, Russia, Ukraine, or Belarus. So if you’re dating a Slavic girl, it may be a good idea to learn the ropes of how to make a digital playlist.


YouTube. Probably the easiest way to create a digital playlist is to find YouTube videos, compile them into a playlist, and send the playlist’s link to your sweetheart. The great part about using YouTube is that you get to send not just the audio, but also a whole set of music videos. What a great way to share music tastes with your online beloved!


Spotify. Spotify is admittedly the most popular music streaming service across the globe. It’s pretty easy to make an account there, too. You can just use your Facebook login to make a new Spotify account. In fact, you could even compile them in genres, and send to your online date!


Deezer. The brand may sound foreign to you, and if you’re an American, well, it’s because this is a company that was founded in France. While this service is definitely more popular in Europe, even avowed Spotify fans were “inspired” to move to the service from Spotify. Why? 35 to 40 million global tracks, maybe. You can read more about the app, then if you like what they say about Deezer, follow the tutorial on how to create a playlist, then how to add tracks to a playlist as you go, send the virtual mix tape to your sweetheart, and listen away!


Creating mix tapes, or, in this case, a digital playlist to share your favorite music, is an avenue for getting to know your virtual date. In the stage where you’re getting to know each other’s likes and dislikes, it’s pretty helpful to know your preferences. Mixing up a virtual collection of your favorite music allows you to share your tastes, and effectively, a part of who you are, to the person (or people) you’re dating online. So find those tracks you love, throw them all into a virtual mix tape, and share away!

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