How to deal with anxiety on the first date with a Ukrainian lady

Ukrainian lady

So, you are going out for the first date with a Ukrainian woman. She is pretty, smart and fun. You’re anxious as you don’t even know what to say so that you can impress her in the right way. Now I’ll show you how to overcome the anxiety on the first date. You are welcome!

Stress usually comes from overthinking and overmanaging life.

Please do not overdo the preparation, okay? If you use too much hairspray or too much cologne, she will notice that and you seem to be trying too hard. In other words, preparing too much before the first date may backfire!

Indeed, preparing too much tells the Ukrainian lady that you don’t live in abundance as you clearly don’t have other options in your love life.

You just need to look calm and confident. In this way, the first date is more likely to be effortless. So, just relax!

According to my experience, reading can calm me down and give me cool ideas to discuss on the first date. So, you can read a book before the first date. Note that an outstanding conversationalist is always attractive on the first date.

Here is a list of good books that you might read:

  1. How to Talk to Anyone (by Leil Lowndes)
  2. How to Talk to Women (by Tyler Powers)
  3. How to Win Friends and Influence People (by Dale Carnegie)

You can immediately utilize the strategies in these books on the first date. How wonderful is that?!

Do not wear a new outfit on the first date with a Ukrainian lady.

Some men prefer going shopping before the first date with a woman – they buy new shoes and clothes. The issue is if you wear a brand-new outfit, you might feel uncomfortable in it on the first date because the new outfit may not suit you well (yet).

My advice is to wear something that makes you look attractive and feel great. If you have nothing to wear in your closet, you would be well-advised to go shopping five days before the first date so that you will have enough time to get used to the new outfit before the actual date!

Stay in a flirtatious mode.

This takes some deliberate practice, which is fine. You should be a flirtatious guy on the first date with your Ukrainian lady so that she can see you are a fun-loving and spontaneous man!

By the way, if you are nervous, you won’t be able to build attraction easily. Therefore, my suggestion is to hug the lady when you meet her. Now you can build a rapport faster. That’s the fast-track to a successful love life!

If you are still anxious or nervous, you should ask, “Do I like her?” instead of “Does she like me?”

Never put a Ukrainian woman on a pedestal on the first date as she hasn’t even proven herself at this stage. You need to see whether you like this lady or not first. Just give her the opportunity to impress you and chase you. With this new mindset, isn’t this date liberating?

Making an intelligent effort is always better than making an effort. I know dating isn’t easy and relationships can be hard work. Yet it doesn’t necessarily mean you only need to work hard. If working hard can solve all problems in this world, then we shouldn’t have any problems now.

Realistically, you can work twice harder than other people, but you probably can’t work 20 times harder than others. So, you must work smart.

The fact that you are reading this blog regularly means you are a switched-on man because you are proactively learning dating skills all the time. In this way, you don’t have to learn certain techniques the hard way. You might even hire a dating coach if you are keen to further improve your dating skills. Alternatively, you can buy some online programs about dating and relationships. Once you have completely understood the principles of attraction, you will become the alpha guy that Ukrainian women admire.

Bonus recommendations:

Actually, if you watch a romantic movie before the first date with a Ukrainian woman, you will feel romantic feelings before the date and become more relaxed as a result.

Here is a list of romantic movies that you may want to watch:

  1. Sweet November: In this film, Keanu Reeves’s character makes the dating experience very sensual and unforgettable. Who can forget the calendars all over the apartment walls?
  2. Bridget Jones’s Diary: This movie teaches us a lot about female psychology as it shows many single women’s reality so vividly.
  3. Revolutionary Road: This movie shows you the realism of a marriage – it contains many uncomfortable truths.
  4. A Walk in the Clouds: Another classic Keanu Reeves’s movie which shows you how romantic a man can be. If you are looking to marry a Ukrainian bridefrom a traditional family background, you would be well-advised to see this movie.
  5. My Own Private Idaho: This is a controversial movie because it involves a lot of controversies. After watching this movie, you will have many interesting things to say on the first date. So, it’s a pretty good choice!
  6. Total Eclipse: Another controversial film which causes many discussions amongst the audience. It’s also very thought-provoking, so you shouldn’t miss out on this film.
  7. All Roads Lead to Rome: Sarah Jessica Parker was 50 years old when she played the leading character in this movie. If you want to know how mature women think, you should totally see this movie!
  8. The Reader: Get your tissues ready because you might cry while seeing this movie. This film is adapted from the novel written by a German professor. Personally, it’s my favorite Kate Winslet’s movie. It’s better than Titanic, in my opinion. The unconventional story gives Kate Winslet’s character’s relationship texture and layering in a unique way.
  9. Black Swan: Technically, this isn’t a romantic movie, but its plot involves romance. I know many Ukrainian women are looking for the red lipstick that Natalie Portman’s character wears in this movie (it looks like a Chanel or a M.A.C. lipstick), so you probably want to check it out.
  10. Titanic: Who can resist the most classic love story in movie history?

The playlist that men should listen to before going out with a Ukrainian woman for a first date:

  1. I Love You (Sarah McLachlan)
  2. Last Dance (Sarah McLachlan)
  3. Right Here Waiting (Richard Marx)
  4. When You Tell Me That You love Me (Diana Ross)
  5. Hero (Mariah Carey)
  6. I Know What Love Is (Celine Dion)
  7. I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston)
  8. Insatiable (Darren Hayes)
  9. I Knew I Loved You (Savage Garden)
  10. Seasons in the Sun (Westlife)

“Never underestimate the power of movies and music before going out for the first date with a Ukrainian lady – psychology can only treat symptoms, while art can treat the root cause of your anxiety.”

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