How to become the most confident guy that Russian ladies admire

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Russian ladies are honest and confident, so they only admire men that are equally honest and confident. Being honest isn’t hard – you just need to avoid lying at all costs. But how do you become the most confident man?

There are two voices speaking to you: a leader and a worrier.

The leader inside you has a plan and knows when to use the fighter & the joker to deal with things in life.

The worrier sees dangers that aren’t even there, so the worrier isn’t helpful. Most noteworthy, the worrier only exists in your head.

Likewise, it is your job to turn down the worrier, to confront the worrier.

Meanwhile, it is your responsibility to listen to what the leader has to say. Own the leader and enjoy it.

Choose to be the leader. Because the best thing you can give your family and your Russian girlfriend is you being happy, you have to raise your standards and make sure all validation is derived from yourself.

All types of mental illnesses have something to do with human relationships. Therefore, if you tend to worry and have anxiety, you need to learn how to deal with people.

When a person gives you a negative response, there are three factors that contributed to this response:

  1. This person’s current mood;
  2. This person’s beliefs and conditioning;
  3. You.

Normally, the most powerful element is No. 2 on this list, so this person’s negative response probably has nothing to do with you. Thus, you shouldn’t take things personally. Certainly, then you will feel much more confident instantly.

Human relationships always bring pain; hence, only your standard is what helps you sleep at night. Remember: don’t play others’ games; just have a standard for yourself when you are interacting with other people. When others irritate you, ask yourself, “What are my standards?” When you change your identity/standards, others must change.

Let’s look at the following two scenarios in which you’re interacting with your Russian girlfriend.

Scenario I:

  1. You ask her to get her makeup and hair done professionally before going to a dinner party with you.
  2. She becomes upset and says, “Do you mean I’m ugly?”
  3. You become passive-aggressive and say, “Whatever. You don’t have to do that.” And you stop talking to her.

Scenario II:

  1. You ask your Russian lady to get her makeup and hair done professionally before going to a dinner party with you.
  2. She becomes upset and says, “Do you mean I’m ugly?”
  3. You say this to her, “Honey, you are the most perfect angel in my life. I just want to see a different side of you tonight and add some spice to life.” And you wink at her.

In Scenario II, your Russian lady is probably going to laugh. Clearly, the first two steps in each scenario aren’t very important. What really matters is Step 3 in each scenario. In other words, Step 3 defines the relationship.

If you still lack confidence when it comes to human dynamics and communication, please understand that every passing moment is a chance to turn it all around. C.S. Lewis famously said, “This moment contains all moments.”

What you project is what your Russian girlfriend takes.

If you project certainty, your Russian lady only knows what she sees.

When you think you’re not as confident as other people, please note that you shouldn’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides.

That being said, there are three layers of confidence:

  1. Surface level – how people perceive you. This level is quite important because it opens doors in life. You need surface-level confidence to warm up and get comfortable. Whenever you feel nervous, just ask yourself, “How do I desensitize me to this situation?” Remember to take certain things to work at a time and then layer something else on top of it (e.g. you dress well first, and then you improve your body language). Certainly, you might even want to record videos of yourself and watch what you should work on. Hence. if you need a good role model, you can look at some attractive male celebrities’ videos on YouTube and analyze what they are doing. In the long term, you need to achieve congruence, i.e. what you project is what you are inside.
  2. Lifestyle level – all things that you have to back up your surface-level confidence. Now I’d like you to draw a matrix best characterized by at least 8 boxes: goals, family, career, qualifications, friends, home, hobbies, and experiences. Rather, that means you derive confidence from your skills, your knowledge, things you own, people you know, etc. You don’t derive your confidence from Russian women’s attention only. If you have figured out that one or two areas of this matrix need improvement, you can start to work on those areas now. Hence, remember: Hence, happiness is a state of mind – you change what you are doing and change the way you see the situation. Do what you can and be okay with the rest. Also, mastery is about how artfully you can be in the way you play the cards.
  3. Core level – the relationship with yourself. It is your responsibility to move forward with as little baggage as possible. Whatever happened in the past, forgiveness is the key. Consequently, every year/month/day/hour, a new you wakes up, takes the stage and begins the next hour. I remember a Russian woman literally said, “It took me 30 years to look this good!” Also, this woman from Russia also points out that in order to achieve core-level confidence, an individual must let go of what the previous runner did and always stay ready to start a new chapter in life.

Become truly confident and invincible.

If you can’t forgive someone who wronged you in the past, you need to be aware of the difference between who to forgive and who to let go. Therefore, just forgive yourself for allowing yourself to suffer for so long.

You feel the lightest version of yourself. No baggage.

You feel invincible and become the most confident guy that Russian women truly admire.

You feel like a new person with a new identity. You’re ready to go for your dreams and goals.

You’re excited by your big vision.

You’re eager to apply the knowledge, skills, strategies, techniques, processes and tools in your life.

You are the leader.

You are the master, the driver of your own life.

You will write your own future script.

You have decided to be your new confident identity and live that way.

You shape your own destiny.

Your power is right here in your own hands.

You choose not to suffer.

You do not allow others to occupy your mind.

You measure your success by looking at effort-based action rather than result-based action. Therefore, if you make an effort to improve the emotional connection with your Russian lady, that’s already quite successful.

You have daily rituals so you can work toward your goal. You’re going to fail while sticking to your goal. Hence, when you fail, you get straight back on as quickly as possible. If you completed your ritual, you won. Remind yourself, “The greatest ‘I have to’ is who I want to be in life”. Always remember that amateurs ask, “Did I get the result yet?” but professionals say, “I do it for who I am.”

“Thin slicing – What’s the thinnest slice you need to do in order to become confident? The thinnest slice is the blindingly obvious thing that you can do right now.”

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