Ways to Avoid Awkward Moments During the First Date

Posted by on May 8th, 2017 in Dating advice, Relationships
First Date

It is never easy to go on a first date. There are mixed feelings of excitement, nervousness, and worries that it might not go as planned. First dates can even be uncomfortable and awkward because you are meeting someone for the first time.

So, what needs to be done?

Instead of wasting your time worrying about how things will turn out after the first date, make this event worthwhile, memorable, and less awkward by following these steps:

1. Do something that both of you will enjoy.

Before going out on your date, you will surely have to decide where you are going and what you are going to do. Make the most of your first date by doing something that both of you will enjoy, something which is fun and enjoyable, so there will be no awkward moment or silence.

2. Wear something comfortable.

If you are wearing something you are not comfortable with, you might end up not feeling confident and it might just make you feel nervous and tense. Just make sure to look good enough to feel good enough. Just a nice top or shirt paired with jeans will do. Overdressing might leave you feeling embarrassed.

3. Choose places that are not too fancy.

If you go to a very fancy or expensive restaurant, you might feel compelled to be on your best behavior and it might be too formal to the point where both of you might feel an added tension. It is better to go to places where you can be yourself.

4. Avoid going to very loud places.

The first date is all about getting to know more about the other person and that is something you might not be able to do if you cannot hear what they are saying.

5. Avoid going to the movie theaters.

While it is fun to really be watching you both love together, it might not give both of you a good chance to have a really good conversation, unless you are planning to go somewhere after the movies, like grabbing some snacks or desserts.

6. Stay classy.

Do not make your date feel pressured, especially when they do not feel sexually inclined. Stick to just simply flirting, so as not to make the other person feel uncomfortable.

7. Do not bring up past relationships.

The reason why you are going out on a date is because you want to start something new. So if you have an excess baggage, might as well leave it all behind because that is the last thing that you would ever want your date to hear. You are no longer with your ex for a reason, so better keep it out of the conversation.

8. Just be yourself.

Nobody is perfect, so you do not have to pretend to be somebody else when you are out on a date. You do not have to be so formal and professional because you are not in an interview, so you can be comfortably quirky. At the end of the day, everyone is different in their own way.

9. Offer to split the bill.

Nowadays, it might already be unfair to have the expectation that the guy will be the one to pay for the bill. It can also make the date very awkward. So when it comes to paying for the date, it won’t hurt if you attempt to offer to pay as well.

10. Do not get drunk.

Nobody wants to be with someone who looks like a drunken mess especially on a first date. You want to end the date while leaving a good impression about yourself to the other person. Make them look forward to a next one.

11. Do not talk trash about other people.

You have to be careful with who and what you talk about because you will never know the people that your date knows. It is not attractive to be with someone who always has a lot of negative things to say about others.

12. Remember your manners.

If you want to leave a good impression, just be polite. It is not that hard; just do not forget to say “please” and “thank you” whenever it is most appropriate.

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